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With the theme of renewal this issue, the Wilson Living Magazine team thought it would be the perfect time to highlight ourstaffer, Shelley Satterfield, and the amazing weight loss she has achieved over the past 8 months. Shelley’s weight loss began in April, when she came to the realization she was tired of being tired, and most of all wanted to be a better example of overall health to her children. Crediting her success to change in what she eats, as well as portion control and the guidance of weight loss experts, she now looks and feels better than ever with more confidence and more energy each day.

At the beginning of this road to better health, Shelley sought weight loss expertise from Shirley Lowe at Skin Care Clinic in Lebanon. Skin Care Clinic offers a wide variety of services, but weight loss is what drew Shelley through their doors. They gave her a combination of an eating plan, B12/fat burner shots weekly, along with coaching and a weekly weigh in session. The scale they use at the Skin Care Clinic is special as it calculates more than just weight. It calculates fat in your body and the amount of fat lost each weigh in. With a clear cut how-to plan and the incentive of being a better example of health for her children, Shelley lost 61lbs (as of press time)! That’s a 5th grader!!


Styles & TrendsAlene Gibson – Master Stylist/Owner A & B Hair Co. and WLM model Shelley Satterfield

Alene and Brandin at A & B Salon in Lebanon were kind enough to style Shelley’s hair for our Wilson Living Magazine shoot. Shelley typically wears her hair straight but we wanted to try soft waves and body at the top to pull the eye upwards and highlight her gorgeous face and features.

Also, isn’t it fun to try something new?

Alene tells us that… Shelley’s hair, like many of our clients, is fine in texture with little body. What we wanted to achieve for Shelley was to give her body and loose curls that are trending now in Hollywood. To get the look, we needed a large barrel curling iron, followed by great products with a bit of teasing at the crown to give her some body and lift. Starting with a great cut, we took off 1 1/2 inches of hair and added long layers. We sliced down the front to help frame her face and did some texturing thru her crown to help her have natural lift!

Wanting to grow your hair lusciously thick and full of volume?

Everyone does!

The experts at A & B recommend this::

There are some great products that will help with hair thinning such as Nioxin or Boswell products. These products are used to stop the thinning and there are many testimonies that these products produce new hair growth. Sometimes we reach a certain length and it doesn’t seem like our hair will grow any further.

Some reasons that this seems to happen is that the hair is not getting a 6-8 week trim. Getting a trim takes off the dead and split ends which causes the hair to break and not get any longer. Lastly, a secret of the experts to keep in mind:: panthenol which is a derivative of vitamin B5, or pantothenic, promotes hair growth is found in most professional salon-grade shampoos.

Brandin and Alene opened A&B Hair Co. In June 2012 along with Shirley Daughterty and Brittany Moser these four ladies make up “the trendiest salon” in Lebanon Tennessee located at 106 Webster

Massage Therapist – Angela Wilsdorf, Aesthetician – Marisue Stalker, WLM Model – Shelley Satterfield, Co-owner & Weight-loss Consultant – Shirley Lowe & Office Manager – Laura Reasonover (Not pictured, RN – Julie Wheeler and Co-owner Dr. Kay Mitchell)

Shelley & Skin Care Clinic

Shelley SatterfieldSkin Care Clinic not only played a huge role in Shelley’s weight loss, but they also spiced up her day-to-day make upShelley Satterfield - After routine. All products used to achieve Shelley’s flawless skin and glammy glow were from the Glo Minerals make up line. They also used Revatilash mascara for long, healthy lashes. Shirley Lowe from The Skin Care Clinic notes:: “Shelly’s daytime look can easily flow into a special holiday look just by applying more liner, a mascara touch up, and darkening her eye shadow a touch. Adding her favorite shiny lip gloss over lip liner creates a refreshed look for an evening out!”

You can call Skin Care Clinic to have your own make up consultation or plan to have it applied by a professional for your next special occassion at 449 3009.

Shelley Sample Menu Typical Day

Breakfast:: Egg White Omelet with added roasted veggies

Iced Coffee with unsweetened almond milk and a couple of packs of Splenda to sweeten

Snack:: Pre-portioned pack of almonds, Emerald brand

Lunch:: Chopped turkey salad from Subway with oil and vinegar dressing

Dinner:: Baked Chicken Seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil and herbs. Two low calorie vegetables roasted

Snack:: String cheese

Dessert:: Pre-portioned 100 calorie pack of brownie bites

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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