WLM - White Gloves

WLM - White Gloves

The road to finding your piece of the good life can be winding, with all sorts of forks along the path. The question is which fork do you take as you keep walking forwards?

In 2005, I was the wife to a wonderful husband and mother to two adult children. We were living in Duluth, Georgia and my life was very settled. We had raised our children, I’d been working as a legal assistant for many years and we were now sitting back to enjoy all life had to offer.

In December of 2005, however, tragedy hit our family. My husband, of over 30 years, was diagnosed with brain cancer and died eleven weeks later. Life as I knew it was over, and to be honest, I didn‘t think I had it in me to keep walking on this road by myself.

Several months later my daughter and her husband approached me about their plan to move to Tennessee, in order to open a chiropractic business. The catch, they said, was that they would only move, if I moved with them. At the time, my son was in college out of state and I looked around at my life in Georgia and decided to follow this new fork in the road …to Tennessee.

At first when we moved, I did what many people would do, I sought out a similar, comfortable routine. I found work in the legal field and forged ahead in my new community. But I was restless for something different. Being in a new town, with new people, sparked a fire in me to start life completely over.

As a mother, I’d always had a passion for children and good manners. Almost once a week, I would find a reason to tell my children, that “courtesy is contagious.”

And so I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could completely start over with a new business centered around something I truly loved? Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if everyday I woke up and worked my passion? And there it was, another new fork in the road that led me to my new business venture…White Gloves.

Within weeks I was able to launch this new business and to be honest, a part of me couldn’t quite believe I had done it!

Since establishing this business, we have held etiquette and manners workshops for hundreds of children in the area. I have had the opportunity to work with local school systems and Girl Scout programs and am tickled each and every time a child comes up to me, after a program or a tea party, and gives me a hug and a very polite “thank-you.” I focus my classes on teaching children proper manners and communication skills with a strong emphasis on respect, value, integrity and leadership. Children are our future and need a strong foundation as they journey ahead.

Five years after my road dramatically changed, I look back at the good life I have found in Wilson County and am so happy to be here. The road I’ve recently traveled is nothing like the one I’d planned for myself as a young wife and mother. And yet, this road has led me to a new community that has welcomed me with open arms. I wake up each day feeling blessed to be part of so many young lives and hopeful that I am making a difference in my new hometown.

Finding the good life and your passion for it, can take time and effort but when you finally reach your destination, you realize that you are home.

White Gloves offers etiquette and manners workshops for young children and teen-agers. They also assist in pageant coaching and self-esteem programs. Recently, they also began hosting children’s tea parties, baby showers and bridal showers in “Hagar House”, a two hundred year old historic cabin at Fiddler’s Grove. To learn more about Sandy Palmer, who is a certified children’s etiquette trainer, and her business, you can contact her at www.whiteglovestn.com or at (615) 598-4675


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