2015 resolutions are a ‘cinch’ with help from the Skin Care Clinic

By Tilly Dillehay

Photos by Jana Pastors and Donna Neely


The calendar just made that fateful flip again. It’s 2015—a new year. There’s a spirit of brazen optimism that infects us all in January, and it makes us want to stop the clock for just a moment… or better yet, turn it back.

So we start to make resolutions. Lose weight, quit smoking, spend more time with family…

Well, why not? Why not use this year as an excuse to take some bull by the horns that you’ve never conquered before? All you have to do is pick your bull.

For the ladies at the Skin Care Clinic in Lebanon, there’s no need to pick a bull. The bull is so obvious. You carry it around with you everywhere: your body. The ladies of SCC just ask the obvious question: Shouldn’t you do whatever you can to ensure that you’re living in the best and healthiest version of your physical self?

They’re not asking you to figure it out alone, either. Facilities like SCC offer a wide range of non-invasive treatments for everything from fine lines to weight gain to overactive armpits (yes, really). In the case of SCC, they do it all under the oversight of a board-certified physician—Dr. Kay Mitchell.

So what would a 2015 makeover look like for you? Here are just a few of the possibilities.

Weight Loss Treatment

SCC offers personalized weight loss programs. Owner Shirley Lowe is in charge of these individualized plans, and spends one-on-one time with each client, working with them to overcome their specific struggles. Some of them are aided by natural, injectable weight loss products (such as B-12 or Fat Burner), and others do things entirely with lifestyle changes.

“Each weight loss program is based on the person’s needs. It’s not a diet—that’s the first mistake,” says Lowe. “It’s a lifestyle change. It’s like anything you do, like walking with Christ. It’s a day to day challenge, and you have to wake up and take another step every day.

“Our goal is to help our client to change the way they look at themselves, and give them the tools to change their life for the better.”


What is it? It is a non-surgical injection, designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by producing volume and fullness.

At SCC, it is one of three treatments offered by RN Julie Wheeler, who also does the Botox and administers the laser treatments.

What are the benefits? Here’s the short version:

·         Results are immediate

·         Results are smooth and natural

·         No down time

·         Can last up to 1-2 years, depending on type of Juvederm product used


Botox is sort of a wonder product. Famous among the general population for its use (and overuse) among the stars of Hollywood, Botox is generally administered to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. But it can also do a few other wondrous deeds that you probably didn’t know about: give the appearance of fuller lips, ease migraine headaches, and even reduce underarm sweat.

“It is highly addictive because the results are so phenomenal,” SCC’s Julie Wheeler recently told Sabrina Garrett at the Wilson Post. “Not only do you get rid of the wrinkles and crinkles, but skin-wise you get a lifted and more youthful appearance.”

Botox, according to Wheeler, is a “natural, purified protein.” Although the name is short for botulinum toxin, it is not actually toxic. It is an agent that relaxes muscles—and by this means, wrinkles can be not only corrected, but prevented.

Wheeler conducts consultations with her clients at SCC and then gives her opinion, and discusses the units of Botox needed. She calls herself “a conservative injector.”

Areas that can be injected include the forehead, between the eyes, crow’s feet, chin, around the mouth, and the armpits (for excessive sweating).


·         Non-surgical

·         Effective anti-aging

·         Can help delay need for facial cosmetic surgery

·         Can help with migraine headaches

·         Gives youthful, more rested appearance

·         Procedure takes just a few minutes with no down time

·         Results within 3-7 days

Frequency: Allergan, the company that distributes Botox, recommends that injections be performed every three months.

Laser Treatments

SCC also offers laser treatments, administered by Julie Wheeler. A free consultation is needed prior to these treatments being administered. Available treatments:

·         Laser Hair Removal (lip, chin, underarms, bikini, face, legs)

·         Laser Skin Tightening (face and/or neck)

·         Brown Sports/Freckles

·         Leg Vein Treatment

·         Stretch Marks

·         Facial Redness/Veins

·         Acne Scars

Eclipse Micropen (Collagen Induction Therapy)

What is it? Micro Needling is a non-invasive procedure involving hundreds of microscopic pinpricks to the face, with an automated device called a Micropen. Sounds intimidating, but most clients only report feeling a “prickly vibration,” says Marisue Stalker with SCC.

Clients can also go back to their daily routines without interruption, although “they may look slightly swollen, and have some redness as if they had a slight sunburn,” she said.

How does it work? The 45-min procedure stimulates natural collagen production in a person’s skin. After thoroughly cleansing the face and applying a substance that cuts down on sensitivity, Stalker works her way over the entire area with the Micropen, which has 12 microscopic needles.

Complete results take six weeks, but during that time, the tiny invisible pricks heal, stimulating collagen production… and making skin soft, springy, and clear.

For optimum results, many clients do four treatments, spaced six weeks apart. Stalker insists that not everyone needs this many treatments, however: “Consultations are recommended to determine treatment schedule,” she says.

Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion, Facials

What is Dermaplaning? An exfoliation treatment, also administered by Marisue Stalker. She describes it this way:

“A scalpel is used to gently scrape the face to remove hair and dead skin, leaving the face smooth and soft.”

What is Microdermabrasion? A resurfacing procedure with an implement that sort of ‘sands’ the face.

“It is painless,” says Stalker, “and produces best results with multi treatments, or in combination with other treatments and good at-home skin care.”

SCC also offers a variety of facials and chemical peels, as well as permanent makeup and waxing services.

Massage Therapy

Massage is not something you’d usually think of as a way to ‘turn back time’, but SCC’s in-house massage therapist Angela Wilsdorf begs to differ.

“I have found that my clients find an amazing sense of balance, heightened well-being and overall euphoria when they receive massage on a regular basis,” says Wilsdorf. “I specialize in 90-minute deep tissue massages which accomplish two goals: eliminating knots and stressed muscles while bringing total body into a complete relaxed state.”

Wilsdorf offers deep-tissue Swedish massage, Thai foot massage, Sui-Thai massage, chair massage, and prenatal massage.

Her table can be reserved for an in-home or SCC office session, or special occasion by calling 615-948-6270.

To schedule:

Receptionist Laura Reasonover is the “hub” at Skin Care Clinic, according to owner Shirley Lowe. “She is the one who keeps everything running smoothly,” says Lowe. “As far as I’m concerned, who you have at the front desk makes or breaks a business.”

The Skin Care Clinic is located at 1322 W. Main Street, Lebanon. To book a session or discuss services, talk to Laura at 615-449-3009.

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