Trending in 2018

By Elizabeth Scruggs

Few years and seasons always bring new design trends, and 2018 is no exception. But before looking at what’s to
come, it’s important to define the difference between a fad and a trend. A fad is more of a short-lived craze, whereas a trend has longer staying power, usually a decade or so.

From 1999- 2009, brown was the hot interior color – specifically more of a chocolate brown- because of the
Tuscan trend in interiors. During that time, each year there was a color of the moment to pair with brown. Remember the marriage of brown and blue? Every store and shelter magazine was showing it in accessories
and linens. A year or so later, pink was the color du jour, but brown remained dominant- it was the trend- the other colors were just fads.

Entering the new decade of 2010, the trend of gray began to emerge. But remember what I said above about trends? They only last around a decade, so if you’ve not jumped on the gray train just yet- hold on to your paint brush.

Last fall I traveled to the design mega-center of the world; High Point, North Carolina. Twice a year, designers, makers, furniture companies and design celebrities descend on this small town to share what’s upand-coming in the industry. It is the place where trends are introduced and companies vie to get the attention of every buyer in attendance. There is SO much in High Point, but here are several recurring themes I saw in the showrooms. Some of these have been around a year or so already, while others were new. Which will become trends and which will be only a fad? Only time will tell.

70’s revival 
Several of the showrooms’ styles were reminiscent of this decade. From rope, sisal, and rattan accessories-
to large lampshades and sleeklined case goods, I felt as if I traveled back to my childhood.

Back to Nature
Many, if not all the showrooms, were showing natural accessories and those found in nature. Branches and foliage were everywhere, and rocks and geodes were in abundance. Although I don’t get too trendy, I loved the colors and interest of this coffee table!

Blue and White/ Chinoiserie
The color combination of blue and white is classic, but we’ve been seen quite a resurgence of its popularity. But with that color combo has come a renewed love of chinoiserie and of campaign style furniture.

Someone asked me the other day in reference to plumbing fixtures if gold was “really coming back in style??” Yes, the metals are back. But think champagne brass, or brushed brass- not the “builder’s brass” of the nineties. For about two years now we’ve seen the warmer metals coming, but gold was in full force at High Point this fall, along
with lots of copper.

Warmer Neutral Colors
While there were still plenty of showrooms with cool whites and grays, there were many showing warmer neutrals, and warmer colors. Looking forward, I feel we will see the new trending colorways for interiors leaning warmer, and brighter.

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