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This past week, Becky and I had the pleasure of being guest speakers for Wilson O.N.E. Wilson O.N.E. is a local organization that fosters the enablement of working individuals, paid and non-paid, within Wilson County. The organization was celebrating their 10 year anniversary. We were honored to be part of the event and enjoyed sharing our “Telling Tales’” columns with these lovely ladies.

As part of our presentation, we prepared the following:

“Top Ten Ways to Spot a Working Mother.”

1. Her car is so dirty, a small animal can live in it for a week.

2. Her purse is so heavy, it can be used as a deadly weapon (and if she has more than one child – then it already has been!)

3. Dinner most nights consists of chicken nuggets (a protein wrapped in a carb – otherwise know as a twofer in MOM world.)

Ketchup – which any good mother knows is a vegetable.

And if she is one of those “healthy” moms – a Flintstone vitamin for dessert.

4. The three things she can’t live without – her husband, her children and her Spanx. If asked to pick the top two, she would pick her beige Spanx and her black Spanx!

5. A working woman will buy a piece of clothing she doesn’t like, just because the tag is mislabeled a Size 4. And if it says Size 2 – she will buy one in every color!

6. Her husband thinks she is the luckiest person on earth because she just keeps “winning” new furniture. He also thinks her new Coach purse costs $19.99.

7. A night out for she and her Mister consists of Cracker Barrel and Wal-Mart.

A BIG night out is Outback and Target.

8. Her nemesis is the Mom who packs the heart shaped sandwich – with the note tucked under the fruit cup.

Her best friend is the lunch lady who lets her kids keep eating when their lunch account is negative fifty dollars.

9. She has three kids which means every year she buys: 3 City Pass Books, 3 magazine subscriptions, 3 Smart cards and 30 boxes of Girl Scout cookies – because God forbid we don’t get our cookie patch!

And Number 10 (because we didn’t want to leave out the lucky men married to these lovely ladies.)

10. The TOP way to spot a man married to a working woman – he knows for a fact that ONLY Victoria Secret models wear matching bras and underwear!

By Angel Kane

Wilson Living Magazine

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