Three Simple Steps to a Better You!

1. Make your teeth sparkle with Nova White at home whitening kit.

WLM - Whitening Kit
Super easy and completely professional results. Much faster results than drugstore whitening kits, and (best part) no need for a trip to the dentist!

This is an easy-breezy way to look better, when you’re always on the go. One hour to whitening perfection. At $50 for your own trays and 4 whitening gel syringes, lip balm, a cute reusable bag, and breath freshening spray,…. it’s a total steal you can’t beat! It’s all included in the NovaWhiteGO Kit!

2. Have a certified professional spray tan your body.

Seemingly lose excess weight, when you schedule a spray tan. I advise not a spray tan automated machine, but schedule with a professional who will spray to the contours of your body. Everyone should try a customized tan once. You are guaranteed to feel beautiful once you have your fresh glow. I recommend for first timers starting with a light spray rather than dark, and if you do dark, get the tan one to two days before your special event to let the ultradark naturally fade. Typically $20-$30 per spray session.

Visit Beauty Boutique for a Custom Spray Tan.

3. Invest in pretty work out wear.

I like these two convertible hoodies from Nike.

Nike Beautility Women’s Thermal Training Hoodie $150
WLM - Thermal Training Hoodie

Nike Element Thermal Women’s Running Hoodie $75 – purple
WLM - Thermal Running Hoodie

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