There is a method to the Madness

There Is a Method to the Madness

The madness of folding sheets that is….

Now, before I show you how to fold your bed linens in a manner that would make any army colonel proud, let me tell you how I learned.  See, I have a Tammy.  And as far as I know, aside from my dearest friend Denise Moore, there is no one else privy to Tammy’s vast knowledge of laundry and all things clean.

Years ago when I first moved home to Lebanon, Denise said, “I’m going to send my friend over and let her help you get moved in.”  From then on, Tammy has been one of my closest friends, really almost family.  She has helped me every time I’ve moved, helped me with my babies, and always had just the right solution to just about any cleaning conundrum I’ve had.  If you follow me on Facebook, you know I refer to her often.  But you will never see her.  She forbids her picture to be taken.  She’s kinda like that neighbor Wilson in the 90’s TV series “Home Improvement.”  She’s always there for advice, but unless you know her REALLY well, you will probably never see her. 

She instructed me on how these pictures were to be taken, making sure all along that nothing but her arm be included in the picture.  Once you learn the correct way to do this, it is very simple. 

First, you fold both pillowcases together.


Next, take the fitted sheet and find two corners.b2ap3_thumbnail_scruggs2_20130523-192632_1.jpg

With one hand inside one corner, take the opposite corner and fold over that corner.b2ap3_thumbnail_scruggs3_20130523-192658_1.jpg

Then, do the same thing with the other two corners, so now your sheet

should look like this.


Next bring the two enclosed corners together:


And fold the top two over the bottom two like this:


So now all 4 corners are inside each other.


Then, grab the opposite corner and hold up; you should have a square shape now with all 4 corners inside each other.


Then, lay out on a flat surface.  Fold the top part down and the side with the corners over that.  All the while you should be smoothing out and creasing the edges. 


Next, fold the bottom third up.


And then over one more time.




The last step is to fold that over a third of the way, and then once more.


And voilà !  Swoon worthy folded linens!


This sheet is about 3 inches from top to bottom. 

When folding the flat sheet, fold it top corner to top corner with the top of the sheet on the outside.  That way when you lay it on your bed, the center of the sheet where you folded should be directly in the center of your bed.


Continue folding in half making sure all halves are equal.b2ap3_thumbnail_scruggs15.jpg


Following these instructions and with a little practice, your linens will look like this in no time!



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