The Year Of Madison

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By Angel Kane

Wilson Living Magazine


I remember, like it was yesterday, the day Madi started kindergarden.

At the time, I couldn’t believe she was old enough for school… real school. Dressed in her prettiest sundress, new lunch box in hand, a big bow atop her little blond head, she and I were thrilled about her new adventure. I took hundreds of photos… but that was before Facebook…so until I can find them, scan them and post to FB, you’ll have to take my word for it, she was just adorable!

And then, in a blink of an eye… she is about to be a Senior.

Every day now when I open the mailbox, flyer after flyer from one college or another is all that ever arrives. I watch as she examines the mail piece, googles the school and adds it to the places she wants to visit. Right about then, I usually scream out, “Why you want to leave me?” doing my best Greek accent as I repeat my favorite line from ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding.’

To which she rolls her eyes and reminds me, “please stop, you don’t sound anything like him!”

In two weeks, Madi starts her final year of high school. That means in two weeks, we also begin the Year Of Madison.

Three months ago, as we sat down for dinner, Madi informed us that as this was her final year to be with us, she fully expected the entire year to revolve around her. That meant, no new home purchases, no remodels, no work changes, no trips without her, no travel soccer leagues for her little brother or cross country meets for her sister and certainly no new dogs, chickens or pets of any sort that required attention. This was her year, and we were to do nothing, go nowhere, talk about anything… that didn’t pertain to Madison.

Of course, Zoe and Neill immediately took offense. And after much discussion, it was agreed that the Year Of Madison would sometimes “feature” Zoe and Neill…but not that much, and only if Madison has pre-approved their guest spot appearance.

And slowly the idea of the Year Of Madison has taken hold. Although I do think it’s funny that Madi believes that after one year, she will be gone forever.

“You do know college has breaks, don’t you?” I query of her, but I don’t think she is listening any more… nor is anyone else.

Her brother has already laid claim to her room, while her sister has laid claim to her furniture. And to be honest, I’ve laid claim to a couple pairs of shoes and belts that were mine to begin with and will not be making any journey out of state.

This past Sunday, we got a preview of the Year Of Madison as she took her Senior pictures. The house with abuzz as we readied her hair and make up and decided between her two prettiest sundresses. And as she stood in the field of sunflowers while the photographer and she did their thing, Brody and I soaked up every minute of the opening credits to the Year Of Madison.

The only thing missing was her new lunch box and a big bow atop her little blond head… other than that… it was just yesterday.

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