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Perfect for Wilson Living; Perfect for Your Event

Walking the property of Legacy Farms, I have the immediate feeling of familiarity. It is so pleasant, easy and welcoming. Not only are the owners welcoming to their property, but the environment is inviting. The estate is expansive and there’s so much to take in visually. The main house, was an old civil war hospital. It is in great condition, clearly cared for over the years as a bed and breakfast.

The owners, kind, and business-savvy couple Kellie and Jerry Bryson originally started their business, with the focus on food. They have now moved into being owners of a special event company located in the heart of Nashville. They have expanded their years of hard work and knowledge through experience on their trade (studied since 1997), to Wilson County. Kellie and Jerry are striving to strengthen Legacy’s presence in the community. Right now, they are working with several non-prof t groups for the non-prof t’s fundraisers, as well as participating in the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce Awards banquet. It was refreshing and gave me a sense of community pride when Kellie emailed me, “We have found such a welcoming attitude by city and county officials as well as wonderfully friendly neighbors.”

Going back to the property, since buying the space, they have freshened the interior of the Event Center and will be updating the decor of the Manor this winter. If you are curious on the space, many shots for the bridal shots were used in the Manor, and any interior shots of the bachelors this issue, were taken in the Event Center…we had limited time, so many other gorgeous areas were not able to be highlighted by our cameras this issue. I would encourage you, if interested in having a wedding, or just a large event of some sort, to schedule a tour for yourself or a group. Preview the space yourself. What better time than spring to take advantage of walking around historical acreage?

A few interesting facts for those of you who are soon-to-be brides…they offer all-inclusive packages for not only weddings, but also special events and conferences. Most bride and grooms have full-time careers, and they are not wedding planners, so Legacy’s staff will put wedding packages together to help take the stress out of the special day…I think, who knows the venue better than it’s owners? That’s a bonus. Last fun fact: Legacy has gained recognition in the country music crowd, hosting numerous celebrity photo shoots and a music video shoot!

If you would like to schedule a tour of the property, call Kellie at 615-321-2394 to book a formal or casual walk-thru.


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