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In the spirit of “something old, something new,” here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to your wedding. Some things are so “old” (as in you always send thank yous), that they will never go to the wayside, but with the popularity of social media there are so many “new” things you can do now too!


  • have a budget! (and then realize it will probably be more.)

• hire a wedding planner. This can be the best money you spend – you will have something go wrong at the event, but with a good planner, you will never know it.

• research vendors and check references.

• let your family and friends know FIRST when you become engaged. You don’t want Aunt Sue finding out about it “on the Facebook!”

• create a wedding #hashtag to be used at all wedding related events.

• consider using a site such as Eventstagram to show social media pictures in real time at the event.

• consider live-streaming the event for those who live far away.

• send thank you’s promptly; NO later than three months. Never use pre-printed or fill-in-the-blank cards, and never send email thank yous. The note should acknowledge the gift, but never the amount. It should be personal and sincere.

• breathe and enjoy your day


  • put your registry on your invitations. This is just a no-no.

• be bossy with your wedding party! We are all too familiar with “bridezillas,” and the chaos this can cause.

• plan a difficult destination wedding. Things can get out of hand quickly, and expecting your guests to accommodate your travel wishes and expensive budget can be just plain rude.

• Rely on Pinterest for everything. Although a great resource, most couples don’t have the time or budget to implement everything.

• fall prey to “wedding envy.” You may not be able to have every single thing the latest web site says is a “must,” and that’s okay.

• Skip a tasting with your caterer- you just never know!

• Over schedule on the wedding day. Have all salon appointments, etc. the day or week before.

• forget your fiancé! This may seem silly, but in all the excitement, you may forget that there are two opinions that matter.

Thanks so much to my dear friend Jacki Wickersham of Jacki Lynne Events in Gallatin for her input on this subject. Find her on Facebook


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