Gifts for Groomsmen
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Gifts for Groomsmen

Men’s Leather and Silver Bracelets

and Cuff links by Chisel

$45 – $80

Available @ The Jewelers of Lebanon

Brushed Stainless Steel Flask

with Monogramming


GG’s Jewelry & Gifts (615) 449-8594 

Corsair Small Batch Liquors

produced in Nashville, Gin, Red

Absinthe, Quinoa Whiskey & Triple

Smoke Malt Whiskey



Volunteer Traditions Hats, Visors,

Bow Ties, Neck Ties & Belts

$25 – $70


GiftsPicture Frame, Gifts On Main/Monograms Plus $34.95

So cute with the bow and wooden frame can be monogrammed with “Bridesmaids” or a special sentiment
from you to your bestie. This is truly a sweet gift. *Personalization price varies on this item.

Terry Cloth RobeGifts with Monogramming $39.95

Gifts On Main/Monograms Plus

Love this. Wrap your girls up in coziness! Another luxe, pampering,

option to wear while having hair and make up applied!

GiftsAssorted Colored Clutches with Monogramming, Posh on the Square $29.00

While you may be hitched, chances are, some of your girls are still single and out hitting the town. Let this cute & colorful clutch not only complement their style, but serve as a reminder during their Saturday night searches for Mr. Right, if you found your perfect soul mate, they will too!


Oversized Crisp Boyfriend Sleep Shirt with Monogramming,

Gifts On Main/Monograms Plus

Price Upon Request

You can gift these while they are having hair and make up done, so they can just button it off without ruining their look. Love it.

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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