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The JewelsShawn Smith, is owner of The Jewelers in Lebanon. He is incredibly knowledgeable on high quality jewelry and making gorgeous custom designed pieces. He graciously accepted when I asked if he would do a quick Q & A as a favor for our readers.

Straight from the jewelry expert to you:The Jewels

Q: The newest trends in rings…

A: One thing we are seeing is a huge trend towards rose gold and halo variations. Rose gold adds a warm copper tone to the ring. Another trend we are seeing is that our clients are moving toward pieces that are specially designed. They want their ring to be as unique as they are.

Q: Advice to guys on custom designing a piece she’ll like…

A: Custom designing a ring isn’t just for the rich and famous. At my store, we can design about anything. The trick is “what does SHE want?” We can come up with a ring that combines just what she wants, without spoiling the surprise.

Q: What is the cut of stone that will sparkle the most on her finger?

The JewelsA: The sparkle of a stone is directly related to how it is cut. If the proportions are not right thenthe light just dies inside the stone, instead of bouncing back. Certain cuts of stones offer more than others-no matter what. Round brilliant, princess cut, radiant cut and cushion cut are all great stones for sparkle. They have numerous facets that love to reflect light!

Stop by to peruse the store and speak with Shawn or any of his down-to-earth, professional staff on the ring perfect for your engagement, anniversary or any occasion that calls for a token of affection.

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