The End Of Summer


My father was big on gardens. I mean that in two ways; big in the sense that he placed great value on planting a garden each year and also big in the size of the gardens he planted each year. Working in the garden was part of growing up in the Harris household for my brother Rick and I.

From the initial soil preparation in the spring, keeping the garden free from weeds, to harvesting the vegetables, we were all heavily involved. I must admit I didn’t look forward to the sweat equity we invested in the garden, but I sure did indulge in the sweet enjoyment of savoring the ripened fresh first fruits and vegetables from the garden.


There is a certain fulfillment we experience from work that we enjoy. This is not by chance or accident .

The bible reminds of this great principle in a number of places. King Solomon tells us that there is no better enjoyment for a person than being able to eat, drink and find fulfillment because of his hard work. He also says that there is internal reward we experience for doing our best .

God built within us a need to work. Each person has a role to fill in the function of society. Work is a noble thing and every person’s work is important.

We tend to assign value based on our evaluation of what jobs seem more important. I think we are missing something when we only look at it from that perspective.

How would society function without people who are willing to do the hard jobs? Society needs every worker and the jobs they perform. My hat is off to those who do the jobs I cannot do and would hate to be called on to try to do.

 One final word from the wise guy Solomon, from the fruit of his lips, … a man is filled with good things as surely as the work of his hands rewards him. When you go to work next week remember that there is value and reward waiting for you. So work hard and enjoy the fruits of your labor and enjoy this wonderful time of the year.


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