Coffee House Cafe
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Coffee House Cafe 

Chances are if you’ve driven down Mt. Juliet Road this past year you’ve probably noticed there have been a few changes due in part to the expansion process that has been taking place for quite some time. But as the city of Mt. Juliet grows so does the opportunity for locally owned and operated small businesses. One such opportunity presented itself to Jeff and Annie Mochrie in February when they took over management of the previously owned “Taylor Made Café” which had been a staple in Mt. Juliet for nine years.

It wasn’t family or friends that brought the Mochries to Old Hickory in 2007 from their native Los Angeles. Rather it was a lot of research and a little bit of luck. You see they had been searching for a place to relocate to for quite awhile. That place they would decide upon needed to be one that was open for new opportunities and most importantly it would need to be a place that would be appropriate for their children Adam (12) and Avery (6). They felt they found it in Mt. Juliet because of the close proximity to Nashville (The Music City)and the entertainment industry they were used to. Jeff’s background was in film and Annie is a former actress. They also learned of the great neighborhoods and schools the area had

ICoffee House Cafe

It was when they attended their daughter’s ball game that they first received word that the shop was up for sale. The Taylors just so happened to be looking for a change and so were the Mochries and I guess you could say it was fate that ultimately brought them together. However, since Annie and her husband had not worked in the coffee shop business, the idea of owning one had them pondering the idea for months before ultimately deciding to take on the venture.

The Coffee House Café serves comfort food in a laid back atmosphere. They serve breakfast and lunch during the week and are open evenings and weekends for special events. They also create custom made gift baskets, fill catering orders and offer free Wi-Fi service. They are known locally for their southern style custom made fresh chickadee wraps (a sandwich made with grapes, pecans,and chicken). They also serve unique grilled Panini’s, home-made salsa, soups, salads and desserts. They are proud to utilize local companies to help promote the local economy. In fact, some of the featured products in many of their delicacies support good causes. One such company is Bongo Java. They are one of Nashville’s oldest and most celebrated coffee companies. Their coffee is 100% certified organic bought from small farmer cooperatives under the terms of Fair Trade.

The coffee house has muffins and cakes that come from Anne’s Cakes in Nashville. Their “Bites of Heaven” cake balls and cupcakes are made by a Mt. Juliet baker. And they also sell 100% all natural probiotic oatmeal bars from Franklin. When asked what future plans they have for the coffee shop, they expressed their desire to have a miniresource center. They definitely know the importance of having more visibility on the web as well. They are in the process of updating their website and gaining access to social networking sites to get the word out about their business. And as the weather gets warmer they would love to be able to offer an outside music venue for customers as well.

Cafe Coffee House

When asked what sets them apart from other coffee shops? Jeff replied “It is our wide variety of unique products we market that keeps us competitive. We feel we offer more value for the price we charge. For instance, you might get two shots of espresso at Starbucks and receive three shots here for the same price.” Jeff & Annie want their business to be known as “the” neighborhood coffee shop and as a place where the locals meet to connect and unwind. They feel it is important to offer great personal service and pay close attention to detail in order to keep their customers coming back for more. This is especially important to them due to the expansion process and the economy as a whole.

The Mochries are proud to be one of the premiere locally owned and operated coffee shops in Mt. Juliet. They invite everyone to “espresso themselves” at “their place for peaceful caffeination” The Coffee House Café. Bring your laptop, relax and enjoy the free WiFi.

The Coffee House Café
2320 N. Mt. Juliet Road
Serving breakfast and lunch
Mon – Thurs (6am – 3pm)
Friday (6am-7pm)
Saturday (8am-3pm)

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