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The Wedding Weigh Down & Workout Plan


Amber, I want my fiancé and I to look AMAZING in our wedding photos, but I have no idea how to start a fitness program, let alone one that I’ll want to do while dealing with the stress of planning a wedding. I heard you used to be a certified personal trainer, so I figured I would take a chance of writing in to ask where to begin.

–Barbara, Lebanon

A: Congratulations!

There is not a bride in the world that doesn’t want to look (and feel) her absolute best on her big day. Just know there is not a one-sizefits-all bridal boot camp plan. Lucky for you and your new workout buddy there are PLENTY of options right in your backyard that you might just be willing to say “I do” to!

Let’s dive in with a solution that addresses the stress of wedding planning AND provides a solid, full-body workout focused on strength and flexibility.

Artwork or Unity Yoga Room in Mt. Juliet offers Hot Yoga classes that are great for both beginners and the more seasoned yogi. If you like to feel the sweat of Boot Campyour labor while engaging every muscle, ligament, tendon, and organ in your body in a heated room, you should schedule a class with your honey immediately.

You’ll be so centered that when your maid of honor suggests an animal print bridesmaid dress, your response will be, “Namaste.”

Unity Yoga Room:

Now, if your wedding invitations just came in printed with the wrong monogram, maybe it’s best you go take out some frustrations in a mixed martial arts class or a good ol’ CrossFit session! IMA CrossFit in Lebanon offers functional training (meaning it mimics movements you find in everyday life), taking cues from weightlifting, gymnastics, track and field and more to create short, yet intense, daily workouts designed to get you results FAST. In a CrossFit gym, you compete against yourself while enjoying the encouragement and energy of your fellow classmates. Need a room full of fitness maniacs reminding you of the date of your final fitting? This gym is for you!

IMA CrossFit:

Of course, if you want to feel (and look) like it’s back in the day at the club, you should probably give Barry’s Bootcamp in Nashville a try! Every class combines intense cardio with strength training to the beat of the hottest new music under nightclub lighting. Who knows, even your mild-mannered future hubby might find some reception dance inspiration.

After all, the vibe at Barry’s is all about FUN, so you can let their super star trainers whip you back into shape using their easy-to-operate equipment…only this time it’s going to have to be without cosmopolitan or ultra-light beer breaks!

Then again, maybe reminiscing about your wilder days doesn’t quite provide the best conversation material for the future mother-in-law you’re spending a lot more time with. Perhaps a more elegant path to fitness would show her just what a catch her son has. If that’s the case, Mt. Juliet’s Serenite Fitness offers barre classes that are sure to give you the beautiful body of a ballerina. Combining elements of Pilates, Yoga and an emphasis on Classic Barre isometric moves, this fitness method lends to the sculpted, lean body your bridal portrait is begging for. (And it’s mother-in-law approved!)

Yet NONE of these options will truly get you traction if you and your fiancé aren’t committed to a wellrounded, clean nutrition plan. Why did I say you AND your fiancé? Well, because you need to support each other in making the best decisions (including your nutrition) as you prepare for the wedding (and marriage) of your dreams. The key is to ramp up your whole foods (fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and whole grains) while eliminating processed food. Dramatically decreasing the unhealthy fat, sugar and empty calories in your diet is also a must for success. If you are unclear on what this means, meeting with a nutritionist is a GREAT idea to get on the fast track to understanding what foods best fuel your bridal body.

I always recommend that you consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise routine. Likewise, a wellness coach can help hold you accountable to your overall goals, while guiding you through the process and supporting you through the challenges you face along the way. When you have a coach, neither of you are forced to play the bad guy, but there is still someone to give the tough love if either (or both) of you start slacking.

Now, go out there and just start taking action!

Try something new and embrace the experience of working towards a goal with the love of your life. Before you know it you’ll both be wedding picture perfect all about FUN, so you can let their super star trainers whip you back into shape using their easy-to-operate equipment…only this time it’s going to have to be without cosmopolitan or ultra-light beer breaks!

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