Telling Tales – What did you do this Summer?

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That is always the dreaded question, isn’t it?

And when your child is asked this question, you wait with bated breath. Will they tell this inquiring person about the wonderful trip you took them on, the fun activities you paid for them to partake in or the countless days spent at the pool watching them jump …after jump …after jump …off the diving board.

If your kids are like mine…they usually look this person right in the eye and then say…

“We did nothing.”

Of course, they could have gone to the moon and back and they would still answer in this manner….so this summer I have decided to shake things up!
In the Kane household this will be forever known as the SUMMER OF ACCOMPLISHMENT!

And I will lead by example.

So, as my forlorn crew sat at the kitchen table Monday morning deciding all the “nothings” they would partake in, I started the conversation.

“I just bought this new cookbook and my summer project is that I am going to cook every single recipe in here by the end of summer.”

No one looked up….

“Did you hear me?” I said to my lackluster (already tan from multiple pool days) group.

“But you don’t cook,” said my eldest.

“I cook! I make spaghetti and tacos on a regular basis and anyway that is the point, I am going to accomplish cooking all summer – won’t that be fun? And each of you guys are going to pick something to accomplish by the end of the summer as well. Now what’s it going to be?

To which my husband responded, “Since I already have a job do I have to play?”

“No!” (There is one in every group, isn’t there?)

“Ok  – kids – what is each of you going to accomplish this summer? And let me just add that if you don’t come up with something yourselves, then I am going to pick for you.”

My eldest (who has learned it is pointless to argue with me) piped up – “I will learn to write with my left hand.”

Have I mentioned, she is the one most like her father?

“No. Rule #2 of the Summer of Accomplishment – is that whatever you accomplish – has to somehow benefit me – so left hand writing would be out.”

And after 10 minutes of multiple examples of things they would NOT accomplish this summer, I decided to do help each of them pick.

“Madison you are going to plant a flower garden.”

“Zoe you are going to raise chickens.”

“Neill you are going to teach “Frankie” all the tricks a dog should know.”

I have a sneaky suspicion that should any of you ask my children what they did this summer…”nothing” isn’t going to be part of their response.

Mission Accomplished!

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