By BECKY ANDREWS, Wilson Living Magazine
With all that everyone is trying to accomplish in 24 hours, it’s clear that no one is planning on slowing down. So to that effect, I think there is a need to create some sort of reference formula to keep you from losing it while trying to do too much.

Here it goes…

1-2 overworked, underappreciated adults
1-3 over stimulated, over indulged children who can’t hear you ask them if they have homework on the ride home from school but, can hear their cell phone vibrate (in their bedroom) before walking in the front door.
1-4 over fed, dirty, accident prone animals that have the nerve to look right at you while relieving themselves on the living room rug.

Take adults (1-2). For female, have coffee ready and waiting. Make sure her favorite mug wasn’t used as the paintbrush cleaner for a watercolor painting the youngest created last night. If it was, wash it quickly. Warning: DO NOT ask where your keys, wallet or socks are located before that first mug has been sufficiently digested. This is not the time to talk about anything likely to cause stress, i.e. – a leaking roof, clogged toilet or what appears to be water damage on the floors upstairs. In fact, before this first cup, talking should be kept at a minimum and for God’s sake, don’t ask for a kiss! The early morning adult female is like a soufflé, one false move and it’s ruined.

For male, give him a few uninterrupted minutes of SportCenter before complaining about dishes in the sink or mud he tracked into the house yesterday. This is also not the time to bring up the unfinished landscaping, new paint colors for the house or anything about HIS mother.

Special Note: Do yourself a favor and don’t use this quiet time to ask him if you look fat. Give the man a few minutes to recharge so he can look serious when he says, “You look so skinny!”

For children, don’t ask 20 questions before they get out of bed. Let them take a shower first. Also, let them pick out their own clothes. Who cares if their ensemble doesn’t match? It’s amazing what this little bit of responsibility can do for them. Who knows, one day they may start loading the dishwasher or mow the yard without you asking them.  (Depending on how many children you have, if they like the same style shirt or pants or skirt, buy them all for each member. This will help you avoid screaming matches followed by hair pulling over who gets to wear the plaid skirt-I grew up one of four girls so I speak from experience.)

For the pets… HIRE A TRAINER… or you can just decide that this little four legged creature is an irreplaceable member of your family and who cares about the rugs anyway.

Mix the above ingredients well. This will get your day started relatively stress free. Now the rest of the day is up to you.

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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