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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Many years ago women would gather in living rooms across America in the name of sanity, fellowship and most of all, Tupperware. This party has now evolved into something with a little more pizzazz, a little more excitement, a little more… alcohol. In the early years of home based parties several topics were off limits. You didn’t dare talk about private family matters and the only alcohol being consumed by some of these housewives was behind the closed door of “mom’s sewing room.” At least that’s what I’ve heard.

We are not our mother’s daughters. Most of us 30 and 40 something wives and mothers openly discuss taboo topics that make our moms cringe. We talk to our children about safe sex, politics and drugs. Not that our way is better than our mothers, it just fits the times better.

Just like our moms, we long for a night with the girls just talking about life, love and crock pot recipes. Unlike our moms, we often want our husbands to tag along and bond with other men. There are very few home based parties that seem like appealing social events for my husband. Until now, that is. How do you get 6 women and their husbands to come to a party where they will be asked to spend money on a product all while keeping the peace at home? The answer… you serve them wine and in the words of Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake.” (For history buffs, I am aware that Marie Antoinette never actually said this. It just made this column make sense.)

So my good friend, Stacey, started a wine tasting business. Like any supportive, loyal friend I insisted on helping her get started with her new venture. I was positive my friends would be just as supportive as I because that’s just how we roll.

The night of the party arrived and everyone gathered and listened attentively as our host told us about things like swirling, sniffing and sediment. 

When the tasting ended it was time for food. Because this was a special occasion I decided to get a King Cake. The King Cake is a Louisiana tradition. It’s like a giant cinnamon doughnut with cream cheese filling. It’s delicious and everyone loved it. Somewhere in the cake a plastic baby is hiding. I told everyone the person who gets the baby in their piece will have good luck for the rest of the year. This comment sent one guest into a frenzy. She stood perched like a cat while others sliced into the cake. When she pushed her way to the front of the line surprisingly she found the prize and nearly got into a fist fight with another guest because she thought this other woman was going to take the baby and with it her luck for the year. 

Now that the party is over I have to inform the guest who found the plastic baby in the King Cake I was wrong about its meaning. Finding it doesn’t necessarily mean good luck for one year. It actually means that lucky person has to buy the next King Cake at the next party. So I guess the next one is on Angel.

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