They say, cleanliness is next to godliness.  I say, THEY are right.

So, when my children told me about a television show called “Hoarders”, I was both horrified and mesmerized. And when they told me about a show called “Animal Hoarders”, with that I was hooked!

I firmly believe there is a place for everything and …everyone. So, you can imagine my shock each and every week, as the kids and I watched these two shows.

“Mama, you would freak out if you lived there.” are words often repeated to me by my kids during these shows.

To which I always respond, “I would never live like that!”

Another firm belief I hold near and dear… is that what goes around, comes around.

So, I should have known as I sat in judgment of these folks, that I was sealing my own fate.

It started with a water leak a few days after Thanksgiving that led to almost all our belongings and furnishings being moved out and placed in storage. What couldn’t be placed in storage, was moved into a few remaining rooms in the house that were unaffected by the disaster.

And so for the last month as contractors have fixed the problem, I have lived with boxes on top of boxes, plants in my bathtub, a toaster in my master bathroom and three dogs, three kids and one husband …in extremely tight quarters.

Were my kids right? Did I freak out when my life premiered on “Hoarders”?

Another firm belief I have is …go big or go home.

Of course I freaked out! In fact, depending on where you live in Wilson County, you may have heard me.

Note to self: next time I decide to sit in judgment, I will do it while watching “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous.”      

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