By Angel Kane, Wilson Living Magazine

In our little household, we have something called the "circle of trust." A phrase we picked up from the movie, Meet the Fockers, years ago. So it seems apropos with the third installment of Meet the Fockers coming out this week, that our circle might be put to the test.

The "circle of trust" consists of my husband, myself and our three children. And those in the circle know there are things mommy says "in" the home, that we don’t repeat "outside" of the home.

So as I attended my son’s Christmas party this past Friday, I decided to take a peak at the outside board where all the children’s projects were hung up. The title of this particular display was, Things I am Thankful for This Holiday Season. Most of the children had very appropriate remarks; my parents, my dog, my play station. I then took a look at what my son had written – I am thankful that my parents put a roof over my head.

Yikes! That is definitely one of my circle of trust comments. Often made in the heat of a moment when one of my children decides to grumble about not having something that they so desperately deserve and desire.

"But everyone has an (insert much deserved and desired item here), except for me!"

To which I usually respond, "I don’t care what everybody else has. You should just be thankful for having a roof over your head!"

And there before me, written in blue crayon on yellow construction paper, were my words staring right back at me.

Later that day, I thought it was important to review the rules that entitle those in my household to be in the circle…and live under my roof.

"Guys, you know there are things we say in our circle, that we probably shouldn’t share with those not in our circle, right?"

"Like what?," inquired the weakest link.

And what ensued was a point by point, example by example, of all the inappropriate statements I had uttered this past year to those "in" the circle, that had later been repeated back to me by teachers, parents, coaches and even complete strangers.

And if you think for one moment, I’m going to share these indiscretions with you, forget it!

Get your own circle…or better yet, get to know one of my kids.

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