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Wednesday, December 2, 2009 I’m absolutely in awe of homes that are beautifully decorated for the holidays. With their  miles and miles of strung up lights and wreaths hanging from every window, I always think to myself as I drive by …

“Boy, that wife must be married to the best husband in the world!”

Growing up, we had this huge oak tree in our front yard. One year I convinced my Dad and brother to string lights all throughout the tree. It was gorgeous all lit up. However, when it came time to take the lights down, my father protested, “are you crazy?” The next year when the holidays rolled around, my father took out his extension cord and attached it to the lights still hanging on the oak. Surprisingly…they didn’t light back up. With a shrug, he went back into the house.

So when I married – I didn’t have the highest expectations anyway.

And yet year after year, as I see homes across town with their lights, ribbon and garland, I yearn to break out the charge card and see exactly what kind of husband I am married to.

Considering, however, we have the plumber, carpenter, and painter on speed dial, I thought it best to immediately move on to Plan B.  Turns out, there is a company you can hire that will come out and decorate the outside of your home for the holidays.

Grizwald Christmas here we come – I thought to myself as I looked through their sparkling brochure. Finally, I was going to have the Christmas lighting of my dreams!

As I was telling my husband about my plans, I was completely surprised when he said, “I didn’t know you wanted lights. I can put those up.”

I guess I should have been overjoyed that he was so willing. But by that point, I’d already spoken to the owner and had my heart set on Packet C – otherwise known as “Holiday  Extravaganza.” And I was also pretty darn sure my husband wasn’t going to get on the roof and install 8 lit up reindeer and a sleigh. Much less attach the 12 foot blow up Santa  to the chimney which came with the Extravaganza Packet.

“But I want lots and lots of decorations and lights.”
“Not a problem, I can put up whatever you want up.”

I could feel my Grizwald Christmas dream flickering away right before my eyes.

“But you don’t even own a ladder, much less 200 feet of extension cord or an air compressor,” I complained.

“Air compressor? What exactly are you wanting to put up?
As I detailed, the 100 candy canes coming up the drive, leading to enchanted forest of illuminated blow-up snow men and magical elves, that would culminate with Santa and his multi-colored sleigh upon our roof – I had this feeling … by the look on his face ….that he wasn’t seeing my holiday vision.

“That’s insane. I was thinking more like a couple of packs of icicles strung along the gutter.“

“Icicles strung along the gutter…hmmm, I don’t see a package for that in this brochure. But, I’ll take it!”

Even Clark Grizwald had to start somewhere.

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Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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