“Moore” than Meets the Eye

Moore's kitchenOn the side, Lynotte loved working with the buying and selling of used cars. So in 2000, when he sold his carpet business, he brought his passion for cars front and center by opening Highway 231 Car Sales in 2001. When it comes to business, Lynotte said, “I have a commitment no matter what I do to making sure that everyone is happy and satisfied. This also includes my employees.” Now that we’ve made the introductions, let’s talk about the Moore’s home and garden!

But before we talk about the garden area, it’s necessary to discuss the interior of the Moore’s home. As for theInside Moore's home design, the interior can be described as traditionally casual. Denise, along with her decorator, Elizabeth Scruggs of Superior Construction and Design, chose warm stained wood floors to tie in the furniture pieces she and Lynotte have acquired through years of building and living in some of Lebanon’s most beautiful homes. Punctuations of slate blue, olive and soft red throughout are a nod to Denise’s love of color, while portraits of family and friends make the space warm and inviting. Yet even under this sophisticated surface runs a hidden thread of coziness. “Our home is warm, inviting with a dash of elegance all thanks to Elizabeth. She helped me with draperies, paint colors and some wall art,” Denise added, laughing out loud.

The Wedding CakeWhile the wisteria flanked weeping mulberry tree looks a little different since the wedding day, the view from the decades old tree is just as beautiful. “The yard is the real masterpiece of this house. And I wish we could take credit for it, but it’s this gorgeous because of the hard work of the team at Minchey’s Landscape and Design. They did an impeccable job of putting the perfect plants in the best spots. They also picked the type we could manage and keep beautiful,” Denise said as she deadheads a couple of soft lavender geraniums.

On a busy road that connects Lebanon and Mt. Juliet, the Moore’s home situated on two beautiful acres that serves as an escapeMoore's pet Lucy from the busyness of life. In a time when everything in the world moves at warp speed, the Moore’s have managed to carve out a little piece of solitude where they can do anything from entertain wedding guests or just read the latest copy of Wilson Living Magazine with the trickle of the koi pond in the background.

Even though this isn’t the ‘wedding issue’ it only makes sense that we credit some of the décor used for the Moore’s daughter ‘big day’. Reveal Event Style designers Jennifer E. Milam & Catherine A. Rector created the concept of Ashlie’s wedding using her personal style and story. In order to make sure her needs were met the entire event embodied her vision. Jennifer and Catherine took measures to ensure that the Moore’s understood the purpose of every element and detail.


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