Summer Style – Sunglasses Styles


Happy summer!

With the kiddos on their way back to school, I thought it would be fun to focus the style section on moms and teens this issue.

For Moms: what to wear when you’re dropping the kids off to look “together” with minimal earlymorning effort, as well as the shades to wear to protect your peepers (or simply mask them if it’s waaay too early for makeup)!

Teens will find inside the top products for adolescent skin found locally should any dreaded breakouts occur. These products, recommended by our experts, are excellent products to have on hand when you need to quell that blemish quickly!

Hope you enjoy this issue and the rest of the season!




Summer Sunglasses


Eyes Are a Window of the Soul. But Sometimes A Window Needs Quality Venetian Blinds.

July is National UV Awareness month. Try on all these stylish shades at Lebanon’s Vanderbilt Eye Institute.


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