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Jun 28, 2013

Summer has officially arrived and that means the flat summer sandal is a must have item! It does not matter if it is day or evening, a yogurt run or a trip to the pool…your summer staple is the cute, flat  and whimsical sandal.  IT IS A MUST HAVE.  As much as I LOVE my heels, and that is an understatement, I adore the time of year when I can wear cute strappy flats.



Metallics and embellished sandals are the shiny addition to any summer wardrobe no matter what age. Metallics are neutral in color so they will match most any summer gear!  Just because these are flats does not mean they don’t have personality. – See more at:


Strappy flats are fun and casual but ankle straps and strappy sandals that are higher on the instep and ankle are not best for streamlining the leg. These cute pieces of footwear can cut the look and your legs may appear shorter. When wearing shorter dresses and shorts the cleaner the line the longer the leg.  I have several styles of Gladiator Sandals and just adore them…but try to wear them with the longer skirt, capri or skinny. – See more at:


Colors! Colors! Colors! Who doesn’t like bright and cheerful colors, especially when your legs are tan and toned! When purchasing your ‘out of the box’ colors for summer, look for your trend. What colors are you wearing? Is Emerald Green, African Violet or Nectarine your color of choice? You can mix and match but still have personality!  Don’t worry, animal print is not just for fall anymore. – See more at:



I enjoyed the mix of color, texture and personality so much, this picture had to be included…even thought it is not a flat! One final item, ladies and it may be the most important part…don’t forget your summer pedicure. Nothing enhances your sandals the way a fresh pedicure does! – See more at:


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