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WLM - Erin BrownThe fact of even putting on a stitch of clothing in this humidity, outside of a sweet bikini, seems completely unreasonable. Any fabric that is breathable, thin with an airy weave and can be worn in small layers and peeled off throughout the day remains forefront in my mind. Summer dressing can be elegant and beautiful, but I am making it easy on my every day, sticking to swimsuits and sun dresses-real clothing only when mandatory.

With that said, for this Style edition I felt it best to take a 180 degree turn. We have a solid expert to provide advice for what is presented most in summer: your face, body, and hair. Also, you can certainly make a mark with your make up.

One of Cosmetic Market’s buyers, Heather Dickerson, worked with me on getting the BEST products for each beauty dilemma I heard about from YOU. Some may be pleasantly affordable, some may be slightly pricey; but when you consider spending the same $10 on product after product that doesn’t work, would you not rather spend the $30 in one swift pop and see results?

On pages 50 and 51 check out past Wilson County events as well as upcoming ones on my calendar, that you can be a part of! Also, we have a young local designer that makes whimsical pop bracelets that are a perfect summer gift for you, your teen or a twenty something. As always, please write in! I love hearing from you and what you would like to see more of each month.

Enjoy the issue!

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