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By Erin Brown

WLM - Erin BrownIt’s so hard to believe it is almost time for summer! The best part about May and June is that you can do most summer activities, without the intense heat making your hair and makeup wilt. It’s blissful to enjoy the lighter change in weather and the accompanying change in fashion. Along with these changes, there are often spring events that bring immense pleasure and fun to the longer days we get to spend together with friends.

Steeplechase is one of those exciting seasonal spring events. It is right around the corner. What other event calls for the fun of adorning an outrageously huge hat? This year I am especially excited because I will be attending Steeplechase for the first time (although most every friend I have has attended numerous times.)

To celebrate a first time at the event, I plan on wearing the fanciest–and most outlandish hat available! To really kick-it-off right this year… at my request, several of you submitted YOUR Steeplechase fun photos, so we could all share in what you have worn and will wear for Steeplechase. Lebanon resident, Sarah Johnson, is modeling what she is wearing to this upcoming Steeplechase, May 14th.

Another special spring event is Mother’s Day. This is a very endearing holiday for remembering those who have given us so much. I did a photo shoot to honor this holiday and our Mothers, featuring Lebanon High School teacher Barbara Hallums, who is the Lebanon High School nominee for Wilson County Teacher of the Year! In addition, I had the opportunity to interview Barbara regarding this special nomination. You will learn why she is such a special teacher to so many.

Also, other local mothers and their daughters, were selected to share in this Mother’s Day photo gallery. Included is my own mother, who has been, to put it mildly, my biggest supporter and believer in the entire world, when everyone else thought fashion was just a silly career. She knew it was hard work and lent me all of her support and encouragement these past 11 years. My mother Caroline is truly as kind inside as she is beautiful out.

Thank you Momma, I could never have done any of this without you. She is featured with her mother on page 45. All the mothers and daughters featured are all wearing spring accessories which will carry them flawlessly from spring into summer. Each accessory pictured can be found locally at either stores located in Lebanon or Providence Marketplace in Mt. Juliet.

Cheers to summer and all its festivities! Hope you are swimsuit ready… if not, join in regardless! These spring events are not to be missed.

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