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By Erin Brown

Happy Holidays!!

This issue was so creatively fulfilling. The creative concept for this issue came to me while focusing on new beauty trends when flipping through one of the Styles & Trends(way too many) fashion & art magazines I have in my Nashville apartment.

I noticed how beauty is taking a sharp turn in many different directions this season! From a desperately dark Bordeaux lip with a nearly nude eye, to the flip side of a large, subtly smokey, light taupe eye…not too dark or harsh in any way, with a natural lip. The last keytrend I wanted to note was a modern cat eye …it’s new, fresh, large, expressive & beautiful.

Our beauty experts from Asante and The Villa, both in Lebanon, will also share the products they used and how they made each look “work” on our models. I hope you find these tutorials helpful when you are getting ready for the big party season, when opportunities abound for every kind of gathering and party imaginable!

If you are looking for a change, sometimes a new you has to happen first on the outside to seep its way inside!

Wishing you & yours a lovely holiday season,


Erin Brown

Styles & Trends


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