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Hello Lovely Wilson Ladies, It’s almost time for spring. I think spring is one of the best times of the year… Winter is fading Wilson Living Magazine - Erin Brownaway and everything is returning to life. Flowers are just making their way out from their sleepy haze into the sun’s renewing warmth.

One of spring’s highlights is Easter, which is such a renewal-to-your-soul type of holiday. Time to break out your “Sunday best” and possibly enjoy a nice brunch with family. Check out a pretty Easter look on page 43.

With this fresh-start feeling, it is time to begin boxing up all of those heavy winter clothes; now incorporating bright colors and lighter fabrics into your closet. It may be time to buy a few new items to refresh your look in 2010. On page 44, check out some current trends that are big right now. You may need ideas on know how to wear them. We have local ladies, of every age, showing you the best way to pull off these looks. Follow my guidelines and you may have the courage to try something you normally would never consider wearing.

Also, in honor of Earth Day, which falls in the month of April, we have a major designer, Jeff Garner, in our interview chair. His studio is based in Franklin, Tennessee, and he is extremely eco-conscious. Having known Jeff for a little over a year, I can tell you he is such an interesting person. I was so excited to have the opportunity to interview him. A cloak of mystery always surrounds this man. Hearing what Jeff had to say about everything from spring wardrobe selection, to where his ideas originate for his unique (or should I say, somewhat outlandish) shows was a treat.

Lastly, I’m checking in with you, my readers, on that weight loss diary. It’s been an interesting few months trying out a variety of new exercises in hopes of finding something you may never have considered for a workout plan. Many things were tried, from a 12 mile hike in the middle of winter to 104 degree hot yoga class. All of these were super challenging, but very fun. Each activity worked different muscle groups, and left me in a different state of “being” afterwards. It was truly, “the best of times” and “the worst of times!!” Glance through them and find what is most appealing to you.

Enjoy the issue and get ready for an exciting new season!


You can contact Erin at erin@wilsonlivingmagazine.com

An Interview with Jeff Garner (aka Prophetik)

Jeff Garner, the designer of the eco-friendly clothing brand, Prophetik, is one of the most interesting people I have ever meWilson Living Magazine - Jeff Garnert. His shows have an other-worldy feeling, drawing you in with their artistic concepts…so pure and straight to your soul. Jeff not only constantly speaks on the importance of eco-friendliness, he lives it through his lifestyle. Here’s a peek into the mind of a wonderful artist, with such a poetically interesting mind for design and for life.

E. Jeff, you have a completely different style of designing and marketing your designs. You follow the beat of your own drum. What has made you this way or have you always had an independent
nature… Has it evolved?

I have always learned in nature. Growing up in the woods I created my own world and developed my senses to listen…today’s society of busyness and entertainment numbs our senses, creating programming that adapts one to the “group think” theories and infl uence of their surroundings.

E.Where do your concepts tend to stem from for each new season?

They always come naturally…usually from visions.

E. How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t even consider myself having a style. But to define it I would say, Renaissance Romantic, with a modern edge; where old world meets new.

E. Who do you see as the ideal Prophetik woman?

A woman that is conscious of nature and is a soulful passionate romantic.

E.I always see you with beautiful girls at the shows; from season to season. Do you have a muse?

I love the energy of meeting new souls…everyone that crosses my path in the season serves as a muse of sorts, yet consistently there is a pure soul that seems to allure my senses, causing that romantic nature to stir. Yet watching from across the woods is always more poetic than approaching.

E. What do you enjoy most about designing clothing verses other forms of art?

Clothing is an extension of self…wearable art that evokes a feeling with both the individual wearing it and the one seeing it. I love the visual energy of this art and incorporating other art forms into our fashion shows… each season creating an artistic movement versus another fashion show.

E. What is an item of clothing every woman should have in her wardrobe for this spring?

A sustainable cocktail dress for all the lovely charity events.

E. Tell me about your passion for sustainable clothing. What sparked your interest in truly being eco-friendly? I know you well enough to know that this is not something you just say for the sound of it, you truly live the lifestyle. You seem to want everything you do to be within the eco-friendly realm.

My soul has always listened to the whispers of nature growing up in the woods instead of a city or inside of a TV…I discovered the damage of the fashion industry on the place I call home thus propelling me to challenge the norm and discover other ways of producing garments, dying garments, and all the little aspects with that.

E. I know you incorporate an equestrian feel into a lot Wilson Living Magazine - doing what he loves; horseback ridingof your shows, where did your love for horses start?

I grew up on a horse farm. They became a grounding for my soul and also a reflection of my spirit. I value what horses can teach an individual.

E. Having attended many of your shows, you have everything from fencers, to people scaling the walls to walk your runways…where does this need for performance come from rather than producing the typical catwalk show?

There is no need for performance…just a desire to evoke a story rather than showcasing clothing. It is about a season of thought and soul represented visually by clothing…the productions reflect each season. Personally I enjoy shocking the audience.

E. I know you were featured in Elle magazine…that’s pretty cool. What has been one of your other great achievements in the fashion industry?

Seeing and hearing stories of how a garment has changed someone’s life. Also how a fashion show, we produced, raised enough money for our store owner to adopt a child from Africa.

E. Name 3 things that simply make you who you are.

Honoring God and my spirit, respecting others, and giving thanks

E. What can you not live without?

Being a single father, one must say, his lovely daughter Isabella.

E.What advice would you give women when dressing themselves?

Discover who you are and find that same energy in the garment you wear despite what others may say. Only your eye will know…Be yourself… and don’t forget to breathe.

E. Going to London for Fashion Week has become your norm. Do you ever see yourself attending Fashion Week in New York?

I have done a beautiful catwalk in New York, and Los Angeles, and even in Las Vegas…yet I am drawn to London currently, for the stars have aligned there.

E. What particularly draws you to London?

OWith model Rayne Oaks during London's Fashion Weekld small cobblestone streets, cantering on horseback around Hyde Park, getting lost at Portobello market on Saturday afternoon after taking a stroll through the park. For Prophetik the energy that London is putting into a green lifestyle and ethical fashion is amazing and should be supported.

E.Tell me about the elephant designs. You have elephants paint on the clothing you make. Where are the elephants from and how did you partner up with that charity?

The elephants are from Thailand. Only 3 out of about 30 elephants are artists that actually paint…I connected with the charity during our New York fashion show and decided then we could do more and raise more awareness.

E.Your daughter, Bella, how old is she? Does she show signs of having an interest in design?

Bella is now seven… My little girl always takes my leather journals at my design studio as I am working and sketches beautiful dresses leaving them as a surprise for me as I open my journal on my travels. She seems like she has the design eye, so I believe her interest will come naturally for sure.

E. Where can people purchase your clothing?

Locally at Posh Boutique in Green Hills, next to Whole foods and in Hillsboro Village; Ivey on Main St in downtown Franklin; Bill Hallman in Atlanta, and Planet Blue in Malibu, as well as other independent boutiques around the country.

E. What does the future hold for Prophetik?

Live, love, and tranquility. Each season is a new season. I’m walking though it as if it is my last. Currently Prophetik is involved in a film project regarding “sustainable design” and also the Behind the Scenes of Prophetik, which will release next year. Also, Prophetik is working with Ms. Cameron (filmmaker James Cameron’s wife) on her green dress for the red carpet contest at the Oscars. London fashion week is coming up on the 19th of February, which we are opening, doing the first “all green” produced catwalk shows. Soon Prophetik will be doing shows around the US like Destin, Detroit, Malibu, Atlanta, and Nashville. The Nashville one is slated for April 24th, downtown Nashville, at The Standard.

E.Thank you for your interview Jeff. Good luck at fashion week!

You can visit Prophetik’s website at:

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