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Ladies and Gents,

WLM - Styles & TrendsWhew! We made it through another whirlwind Christmas! I’m sure for many of you it was a joy to truly shop locally for once, with the addition of new boutiques and stores on the Lebanon square! This year was my first year since high school to work retail during the holidays (I now work as a personal wardrobe stylist at Nordstrom). Let me tell you, it was a crazy experience! I am now looking forward to staying cozy inside and taking care of myself. I tend to not really care sometimes how I look when I run errands around town or head to the gym, but, the truth is, the better you look, even when no one sees you, the better you feel. When you look better, you feel better. What can you do to get to the best version of yourself?

On the note of working on yourself, there are so many cute workout outfits this season to choose from and I have a few brand favorites of my own when it comes to active wear gear. Nike has really stepped up their style and functionality for the wearer. I’m also a big fan of the line Stella McCartney, which is a sub brand within the Nike line….Zella is nice for the curvier lady, and LuLu Lemon brings comfort and fashion seamlessly together! I’d encourage you to check out each of those designer-lines, to strut your curvy self in while at the gym. They “hold it all in” better if you know what I mean!

Happy New Year!

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