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Erin Brown is a local resident of Wilson County, she holds a degree in Apparel Design from MTSU. Erin has worked with top design teams like Ralph Lauren, J Crew and her favorite Henri Bendel’s. She has also attended the incredibly prestigious New York Fashion Week numerous times getting to hang backstage at Marc Jacobs, Luca Luca and Vera Wang.Erin currently works as a freelance wardrobe stylist in Nashville. She is thrilled to have another creative outlet, as fashion writer in Wilson Living.

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Hi lovely Wilson Ladies! Wow…summer in Wilson County is hot! Wanna know what’s super-hot for summer? Having a great catch-all purse! My perfect summer bag—a pale blue vintage look from the designer, Melie Bianco. After narrowing the purse selection down to my favorite ten…this is THE top one. I love the brand in general. Not only is it extremely reasonably priced, but Melie Bianco is great because it is inspired by high-end designer bags, minus the large brand name tags ,which I find to be “shutterlingly” tacky, (literally, I shutter). Check these out at or Ramona and Co. in Providence Marketplace, next to Bath & Body Works. I can promise you, it’s worth looking into.

Have you ever used a beauty product and known that there just had to be something better out there? I have. The lip gloss I had been faithful to for years… gorgeous array of colors and affordable, had really run its course with me. The tube was too tiny and the texture too tacky-everything stuck to this stuff. And when I would rub my lips together, it made a “click” sound. That’s how tacky. I knew there had to be something more appealing. On the prowl, 40+ tubes later and very puffy red lips to boot, I found it. Everything I’d been looking for was in a sensible-sized tube and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t know it was possible. Silky smooth textured, not too clear, not too thick, no taste. Layering for more pigment. It was Vincent Longo Virgin Lux Gloss. It was found at The Cosmetic Market. Girls, this is something to invest in. I almost hate to give this secret away!

If you’re pinching pennies… treat yourself with Covergirl Amazemint gloss. It has the same texture for less buck. I buy the No Care Bare, which is basically a nude, and reapply all the time with less guilt.

If you’re having a hard time pulling together a bathing suit look, (and who isn’t) check out my suggestions on the next page.

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