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Jul 16, 2013

If you’ve not been to our local library in Lebanon lately, you should go.  I must
confess that until I had children, Ihad not been there in quite some time.

It is huge and has a great selection of just about any type media you could ask for.  Did you know you can check out movies?  My husband just really couldn’t believe
that one.  He said, “We can go get a movie, andit doesn’t cost anything?  You just check it out?  Are you sure about that?” One of our favorite things to do is check out audio books when we go on vacation. This summer we listened to two books the kiddos checked out on our way to and from Orange Beach.  One of them was a Nancy Drew mystery, and itwas fun to guess possible scenarios with them as we drove.  Now my dear husband is not a reader.  Doesn’t like books; he’ll “just wait for the movie.” So the first time I checked out an audio book when we went on a trip, you can imagine his disgust, err,elation.  This was before children and I checked out a James Patterson book from the Alex Cross series.  After that he was hooked!  We never travel now without an audio book. If you haveschool aged children, the library has a stellar children’s library andprogramming.  One of our favorite programs to participate in during the summer is the reading program.  When signing up at the beginning of the summer, they receive a reading log, a bag to keep the books in and a bookmark.  For every four books read,they get to pick a prize out of the prize box, and after twenty books read,they receive a fair pass.  Encouraging reading/ saving money= two things I LOVE!  Anyone five years of age or older can get their own library card. 

 This year my girls got theirs and believe me,this was a very big deal.  The first card with their own name on it that is their responsibility, and they are so proud. There are somany things our library has to offer that I can’t fit them all here. You need to check it out for yourself. It is located at 108 South Hatton Avenue and the phone number is 444-0632. Read, andencourage reading.  The knowledge you gain is something that can never be
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