Seen & Heard….. 2010 Phoenix Ball & Patron’s Party

WLM - 2010 Phoenix Ball and Patron's Party

The Patron’s Party, was held May 20th at the historic Mitchell House. This year’s event was hosted by Melissa and Forrest Shoaf. The Patron’s Party was then followed by the The 27th Annual Phoenix Ball held at Cumberland University in June. Everyone was dressed in their gala attire. The event was a huge success with the proceeds benefitting Cumberland University. Here are some of the photos from this year’s events.

1 Melissa Shoaf & Erin Brown 2 Tables are decorated in elaborate style 3 Rick & Pam Thorne 4 Dr. Roy Terry, Dr. Larrimore & Wendy Warren 5 Bob McDonald, Forrest Shoaf, and Sam Hatcher 6 Melissa & Forrest Shoaf honored hosts of the 2010 event 7 Dr. Harvill Eaton, Melissa Shoaf and Erin Brown 8 Forrest and Melissa Shoaf and Dr. Harvill & Lois Eaton 9 The desserts were presented in elegant style 10 Debbie Long, Karen Bradshaw and Kim Bryan 11 Drs. Dwayne and Donna Lett 12 Erin Brown, Becky Andrews and Stacey Meadows of Wilson Living Magazine 13 A beloved tradition at the Phoenix Ball, this year’s Cumberland University Phoenix Medallion was custom made by master jeweler Shay Holt and donated by Marty Bone of Cox’s Gifts & Jewerly. 14 Decadent fish and shrimp were on display.

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