Sandra Harville 2012 Bachelorette

Sandra Harville 2012 BacheloretteName:: Sandra Harville

Occupation:: Enterprise Asset Management Specialist – Spectra Energy (40 Years)

Connection to Lebanon:: Lived here for past 36 Years

Kids?  Yes, 3!  Trey Estes, Julie Palmer and Carrie Tomlin.

What do you, yourself, like to do on a day where you have the whole afternoon free? Reading or shopping with a friend

What gives you the most joy in life? Helping others

What is an ideal date to you? Dinner, movie and good conversation.

Favorite restaurant: Stoney River in Nashville.

Hobbies & Interests:: Reading, the gym, shopping, cooking, traveling, and time with friends.

What characteristics do you find most appealing in a man? When asked this prior to photo shoot I said class because it entails many things like character, integrity, honesty and sincerity; compatibility is a good one, and last, but most important, would be his love for Christ and the man that he is when no one is watching.

Dream Vacation:: Italy.

Fill in the blank. You are the fun-loving one of your friends. (Examples:: wild, mothering, eccentric, adventurous, mature, fun-loving, etc)

Favorite Quote:: I actually have two that at times have shown up on my screen saver:
1) Character is made by what you stand for, Reputation by what you fall for.
2) Tears not allowed to flow go back down into the heart and turn to ICE.

Accessories: Kate Spade Necklace $398 , Earrings $98, Shoes $298 Hair + Make up by Aqua Bella

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