Rockin’ the Road in High Style

The Custom Coach designed by Maya AngelouMike said most of the buses are 45 feet long, a precedent that was set by Reba McEntire. Slarve said Reba wanted a larger bus, and built the first 45-footer when most were 40 feet, changing the industry standard. As you might imagine, his clientele have high expectations, so the coaches are beautiful on the outside and designed for comfort and luxury inside, allowing the entertainers to relax while on the road. They have all the high tech gadgets, 3-G, 4-G and satellite capability, 14 or more televisions, game stations, high end stereos, with roughly 12 miles of wiring for the electronics, generators and all kinds of safety and security features. Most have 12 very comfortable beds, bunk style, with a living room area, restroom, microwave, refrigerators, iceboxes and storage space. The “stars” buses are decked out with full sized beds, more amenities including glass enclosed showers, and one even has an onboard recording studio. Mike also has technology-loaded buses used for “high-security purposes” with features that James Bond would envy.

Today Four Seasons Coach Leasing is located on Babb Drive in Lebanon, in the former Bradley Candy building. The site includes the corporate officesInside the Luxury Coac, 100,000 square foot building and 13 acres, with parking for 30 buses inside, and areas for maintenance and additional parking outside. It serves as the main depot for the company, when the coaches are not on the road. It was Nick Audino, longtime friend of Slarve, and owner of Superior Coach Interiors, also located on Babb Drive, that encouraged Slarve to relocate to Tennessee. Nick was living in Mt. Juliet, and told Mike about the much lower land and home prices and lower taxes in Tennessee.

Mike mentioned it to his employees (who he says are more like family), and they were eager to move with him. All but one employee made the move to Tennessee, and they brought their relaxed California style and family atmosphere to their new offices. Misty Saunders, Accounts Receivable/DOT Safety Manager for the company, said, “We were already packed and ready to go before Mike was.” Mike is quick to say he couldn’t run the company without his dedicated employees. Diane Pederson, Office Manager, affectionately teased and said to Slarve, “Yes, but we could run it without you.” To which Slarve laughed and replied, “You probably could, but you couldn’t start it without me.” Employee Pat Nabors joined Four Seasons in Aug., 2005, after many years of working here in the banking industry.

The interior has all the luxuries of homeMike Slarve has a nickname, the “Teddy Bear Man”. He can often be found at yard sales, gathering up stuffed animals and teddy bears for children’s gifts at Christmas time. Slarve’s company provides some of the buses used for the Wilson County Christmas for Kids annual event, sponsored by entertainer Charlie Daniels, local firefighters and others. They provide as many as 10 buses to take 450 children on a holiday shopping trip, and the children are given their own shopping money. He makes sure each child gets a stuffed animal as they board his buses.

Mike currently serves as the President of the Entertainer Motor Coach Council, representing 800 coaches, a subchapter of the American Bus Association. When asked what he feels has led to his phenomenal success, Slarve was quick to reply. He said, “It’s two things; do what you say you’re going to do, and treat others the way you want to be treated.” Mike has built a tremendous reputation among the entertainment industry, and with his employees and friends, by doing just that.


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