Summer jewelry is fun and colorful.  Taking center stage this summer is brightly colored resin jewelry.  This is not the Lucite jewelry that was worn in the 1970’s, it has texture, finesse and style. Not sure how to wear color?  Add it with your accessories!




Resin is available in a wide range of designs that incorporate durability and chic functionality.  No worries with metal allergies!  Casual to formal your resin pieces will be well worth the investment, they will have longevity.



Resin is available in a wide array of


Resin is my go to accessory this summer.  Wearing two necklaces and a scarf, link bracelet with a bangle, stretch and metal and then you can incorporate your earrings.  The combinations are endless.  Enjoy the fun of the mix and match, enjoy the bright colors and most importantly enjoy your accessories!


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