May flowers have followed April showers. And we long for warm sunny, weather to follow the relentless rain. Then it will be time to sip wine on the patio, at the pool, on the back porch or on the lake. Often we think of hot weather and we think of drinking white wine.

However, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to switch to white wine. There are many red wines that are ideal for summer. Red wines that are light generally pare well with light summer meals. One of our favorites at the shop is Goosebumps. This Nero d’ Avola from Sicily is light, fruity and best served slightly chilled. Beaujolais is another great wine for summer. Again, it is wonderful served slightly chilled with a nice salad or pizza. The light-bodied wine takes its name from the historical Beaujolais Province and wine producing region. It is located north of Lyon, and covers parts of the north of the Rhone and parts of the south of Burgundy. At the shop we enjoy the Morgon from Georges Duboef as well as many of the wines from Louis Jadot. Perhaps you might wish to try a nice Burgundy from Joseph Faiveley, whose wines are consistently delicious. The French are known for serving lighter bodied red wines chilled. So, go ahead and chill your red wine a bit. After all no one likes hot wine unless its mulled. Lastly, Valpolicella is a lovely light red wine from Verona, Italy. Valpolicella is typically made from three grape varietals Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara. This wine is absolutely perfect for Summer sipping as it is light and fragrant. Valpolicella is the Italian answer to French Nouveau Beaujolais as the wine is often released soon after it is produced.


The Classico we have at the shop is a fantastic and well priced at $15.99.As always the best way to find a wine you like is to try a few. Come out to the Market Basket on Fridays from 5:00- 7:00 to try some of our favorite wines! Happy Tasting!

Brooke Porter Hawkins owns the Market Basket Wine and Liquor Store at 1505 West Main St. in Lebanon. www.marketbasketliquors.com The shop has been in business since 1991 when it was first opened by her Grandfather, Father and Uncle. Brooke credits her love of food and wine to her family in Tennessee, New York and Italy as well as her friends and coworkers at the shop. She enjoys sharing her passion for wine and food with the good folks of Wilson County! After all this is where it all began!


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