Prom 2013

Most agree that a Junior/Senior Prom is an integral part of the high school experience. Whether you’re taking a serious date, going with a group of friends or hitting the party ‘stag’ (a term us older adults use to describe going alone), it’s sure to be a night you will remember.

Prom 2013 - Wilson Living MagazineProm, short for promenade has evolved over the years. One of the best ways to note the evolution is through the attire. From the ‘White Sport Coat and Pink Carnation to a monochromatic tux paired with coordinating Converse sneakers and a powder pink crinoline maxi with boned bodice cocktail dress, to a high-low hand beaded gown with cowboy boots, the fashion definitely looks different but the excitement is exactly the same.

Since prom 2013 is almost here for students in our reading area, we thought this was a perfect time to showcase some of the hottest looks out there. Lucky for us, The White Room kindly allowed Wilson Living to photograph a few area students in some of their most beautiful, not to mention blinged out, prom dresses inside their brand new location.

Over the next few pages prom and formal attendees will get the 4-1-1 on the hair, the makeup
and of course the clothes.

While our teenagers are filled with excitement over prom festivities, parents on the other hand can be filled with less excitement. No worries! There’s a way for you to get involved without ‘getting involved’ and it’s become very popular over the past decade. If you haven’t heard of the post prom party, check out page 44. Not everyone would want to host this but some of our readers agree it’s a great way to keep the kids safe after the dance floor closes.


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