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“Fat” is such an ugly word. I hate it.

Anytime I hear someone call another person “fat” – I cringe over how cruel it sounds.

Sure, some people are really thin. Some people are overweight. And some people are in between.

But you know what? It takes all shapes and sizes to keep this world moving – and shame on you for berating another person!

This topic has been on my mind ever since it was announced that reality star Kim Kardashian is pregnant. Every time I am in the grocery store, all the tabloids say – “Kim Kardashian gains 200 pounds!” – or something to that effect and I think it is beyond mean.

She is a shorter, curvier girl to begin with – of course she is going to gain some weight when she is pregnant! In one article I saw, they interviewed a doctor who said that pregnant women should only gain 25 to 35 pounds and that Kardashian appears to have gained much more.

She must be on the same diet that my mother was on. I was born weighing only 5 pounds and 11 ounces – but my mom will tell you that she gained about 60 pounds when she was pregnant with me and once got stuck in a sports car. But you know what? I came into this world happy and healthy and she managed to lose the weight in six months.

Pregnant women are experiencing a miracle and growing another person inside of them – and should never be called “fat.”

Instead of criticizing each other and putting unrealistic expectations on young women in real life and in Hollywood – let’s compliment one another! My challenge to blog readers is a piece of advice I learned from Mom. She said “not everyone can look like a model, but all people have something unique and beautiful about them. It may be inside or it may be on the outside – but when you see it, compliment them on it.”

What comes around goes around.


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