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Choosing the location for your engagement picture…

Congratulations on your engagement! Now it is time for your engagement pictures! Couples normally schedule their engagement photos approximately one to two months before the wedding. Engagement photos are important because they are going to be used in the local newspaper as your announcement. In addition they can be utilized for “save the date” mailings as well as guest book and reception decorations. Before your appointment, you need to decide on the overall look and feel of the photo. Do you want traditional posed photos taken in a studio? Or do you want the photo journalistic style that is all the rage now? If you decide to forego the studio, where should you have your photos taken? Many couples choose to be photographed where they became engaged, first met or had their first date. Others choose a location for the beauty of the landscape or the vibrancy of the city. Still others prefer something off the wall like an old junkyard or rustic barn. Whatever you choose, have fun and enjoy the experience. Next step…wedding photos!!

–Amy Rich, Amy Rich Photography, Lebanon

Skin Care Experts Say for Glowing Skin…try this peel.

At a value of just $45 the Pumpkin Enzyme Peel is a great mask to try before your wedding day. It will give skin the “glow” you are looking for on your special day. The mask consists of pumpkin, lactic acid, pumpkin wine, cinnamon oil, ginger oil, clove oil and enzymes to exfoliate and promote skin renewal. The peel uses two types of dead cell exfoliation at once. This peel is very well tolerated by nearly all skin types and adds a nice fragrance to a very relaxing facial. This treatment is recommended 5-7 days before your special event.

–Mary Beth Richerson, Skin Care Clinic, Lebanon

A brighter smile makes for better wedding pictures!

Every bride is anxious about her wedding day and oftentimes, if her smile will be bright enough for all of the wedding pictures! This makes teeth whitening a relatively new item on the to-do list before your wedding day. Luckily, there are several whitening options a bride can now choose from, ranging in pricing and procedure. Most whitening kits, like Crest White Strips, take a few weeks to show results, so you must plan ahead a month or so. Professional whitening kits that you can get from Nave Dental Studio have much faster results. Veneers and bonding are also an option in creating a great healthy-looking smile and can only be achieved by a dentist. Thinking outside of just the bride, the groom will smile for pictures that day as well, so ladies, make sure his teeth are camera-ready! A small tip that will help is in the days leading up to the ceremony, the bride can use whitening tooth paste, and avoid staining foods and liquids such as coffee and dark colored juices, to ensure your smile stays bright for the big event!

–Nave Dental Studio, Lebanon

“How would you recommend a bride wear her hair if she has detail on the back of her dress and wants to pin it up? What are a few looks outside of the 90’s French Twist?”

As soon as a bride knows her date, she should call to schedule two appointments. One appointment will of course be for the big day but a “trial run” appointment is needed as well. This is a must. A tip to remember: freshly cut ends do not style well and nothing is harder to style than split ends. So to avoid this, a bride wants to make sure to have her hair trimmed about two weeks prior to her event.

As for great up-dos we are seeing really soft styles. Loose buns and big waves more of an old Hollywood look, which we love, and that style looks great on everyone. Loose buns are great because they are very versatile; you can wear them low and to the back, or to the side, which we have been seeing a lot of. Big, soft waves are also great. Most of these styles are very loosely pinned back off the face and neck leaving a few whispy pieces to frame.

Women are choosing much more natural styles for their wedding days, and are wanting to look like themselves but just a bit more glamorous version of themselves!

–Heather Hankins and Angel Dingler, Hello Beautiful Salon, Lebanon

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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