WLM - Pop a top - Vintage Bracelets

WLM - Pop a top - Vintage Bracelets


Summer’s hot and balmy weather often calls to mind day’s past; when everything seemed to move at a much slower pace. Maggie Goodner, a young Wilson County resident, designed these bracelets, made from vintage bottle caps, from some of your favorite sodas of days gone by. Some caps are close to 50 years old! Maggie has them shipped to her from all over the country. Many caps are from small bottlers that are no longer in business, making them extremely rare. All the caps are full of color and have cute, catchy logos.

Each bottle cap is capable of stirring up a memory. Many of Maggie’s customers buy specialized bottle caps of something they so fondly remember drinking in their good ‘ole days…like a woman who bought a bracelet full of TAB tops. TAB was her favorite soda in high school. What is your signature soda? It’s pretty cool to wear something that is personalized just to your taste.

You can reach the design team at: maggiegjewelry@gmail.com, or call: 615-449-3683

Vintage bracelets are $20.  Become a fan of MMG Jewelry on Facebook!

Erin Brown can be contacted at erin@wilsonlivingmagazine.com.

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