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There have been a few thorns along the way, but working at Moss’s Flower Shop and Seed Company has been mostly rosy for Brenda and Hale Moss.

Wilson Living Magazine - Moss Florist & Garden CenterThere have been a few thorns along the way, but working at Moss’s lower Shop and Seed Company has been mostly rosy for Brenda and Hale Moss.

Moss’ — started by Charles and Johnny Moss (who at 81 years old still comes to work three days a week) in 1952 — has been a part of
Brenda’s life since 1977 when she opened the fl ower store inside the shop. Prior to 1977 Moss’ operated as a farm supply company but as Mt. Juliet became more suburban Moss’ inventory and services evolved to fit the needs of the community.

Brenda says they offer a wide variety of gifts and arrangements to suit any style or taste but their specialty is fresh flower arrangements. In fact, they employ Terry Chapel, the 2007 Tennessee State Florist of the Year, and Phil Chandler, the 2008 National Designer of the Year, so the team at Moss’ is more than confi dent you will find something.

This is a business that is truly a family affair. Hale and Brenda employ several members of their own family. That personal touch has cultivated lasting relationships in the community. While they have seen their fair share of ups and downs Hale and Brenda cannot imagine doing anything else.

The Moss’ compete against larger Internet-based mass marketers at a time when many of their customers view flowers as a discretionary purchase. Brenda believes the strength of their business is the individual talents of the staff involved.

Moss’ Flower shop and Garden Center opened its doors in 1952. Since then they have become one of the top. “We have grown with the community to provide the best in lawn care products, including trees, shrubs, vines, roses, perennials, and a wide selection of house plants available in our three on site greenhouses. Walk through our perennial gardens to get ideas about planning and planting plants, placement of garden statuary, sundials and fountains.”

Moss Florist & Garden Center - Brenda & Hale Moss One might think that a flower shop only meets a portion of the needs of its residents but Moss’ sets itself apart by offering services and products that change with the seasons. “At Christmas we decorate homes and tress. In the fall we set up outdoor fall displays. We also offer classes on everything from creating your own wreath to canning, which is our most popular class in the summer.”

Brenda adds that all classes are free with the exception of materials needed! Despite the sluggish economy Brenda believes the future of the business is as bright as ever. “We have seen our share of ups and downs but I think flower shops have always made it through the tough times.” She believes shop can sustain itself.

And when asked what they love best about Wilson County, “We love everything, the business community is wonderful. There are so many things offered to the business community in Wilson County such as business seminars, business before and after hours. Wilson County is very friendly to local businesses offering many opportunities to network with other business owners.”

Whether you are looking for fresh flower arrangements, an eclectic piece of furniture, advice on landscape maintenance or an informative class on canning vegetables you can find it all under one roof at Moss’ Flower Shop and Seed Company. Service and more than 50 years of
cultivating personal relationships have made the difference for the family-owned firm located at 12110 Lebanon Road in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

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