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The Paint WilCo mural project started with the goals of creating 10 unique murals throughout Wilson County by the end of 2020 and in doing so, boost tourism by creating photo opportunities for visitors, as well as residents, and to spark interest and integrate art into our communities while beautifying Wilson
County. In addition, this project helped to fulfill the requirements for Wilson
County to become a Tennessee ThreeStar certified county.



The Wilson County CVB (WilCo) went out and found the right people to be a
part of this project, people with the knowledge of art, artists, locations,
connections, etc. The Wilson County Murals Committee was then formed
from these people and they have been the driving force of this project. We are
now looking towards our seventh mural and the response and involvement
within our community has never been greater.

Sponsors, artists, building owners are all contacting us wanting to be involved in this beautification and art movement. With more locations scouted out in Watertown, Mt. Juliet, and Lebanon, be on the lookout for more artwork popping up throughout the county! The Paint Wilco project had a goal of 10 murals, and that goal is within an arm’s reach, or a brush’s stroke, but as we continue to see this involvement and this recognition of the value and importance, who’s to say that another phase of Paint Wilco is not just around the corner.


As we continue to walk this path of our “new normal” in the world today, it’s
good to get out and have a “feel good” moment. Close up your laptop, have
the kids turn off their Chromebooks, turn off the TV, and take a quick drive to
one of the Paint Wilco murals and have yourself a “feel good” moment. We
are hit daily with reasons to carry negativity, we heard something on the
radio, we read something on Twitter, we saw a sign in someone’s yard. Go out
to the Messages of Hope Mural and take a picture with your special someone.
Go to Charlie Daniels Park and have the kids make their best silly face for a
picture in front of the Caboose Mural. Take your Grandpa to the Veterans
Mural and spend some time with him at the Veterans Museum. Be reminded
of all the reasons to carry positivity. Keeps those pictures on your phone and
have your daily dose of positivity. Or maybe even post those pictures and
spread that positivity.


Wanting more information on the Paint WilCo murals?
Looking to sponsor a mural? Wanting to submit a name for
prospective artists? Contact the Wilson County CVB office
at, and be sure to follow the
Paint WilCo progress and the many other great things
Wilson County has at

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