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May 31, 2013
Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

Memorial Day is always the beginning of summer to me.  As I got out our flags to celebrate the holiday last week, I noticed that several of ours have seen better days. 




I then remembered that I had folded them and put them away last year thinking to myself I would find the correct manner of disposal before this summer.  Didn’t write that one down on my list….

So here I am faced with what to do with them.

After a quick Google search, I found several different ways to dispose of them. 

The easiest way is to take it to an organization that performs the correct flag disposal ceremonies.  Some of these organizations are the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Boy Scouts of America, the Girls Scouts of America, and the U.S. Military.

If you are disposing of it yourself, the flag should be burned.  It needs to be placed, folded, on top of a fire hot enough to completely incinerate the flag.

The last method is to place the flag in a dark trash bag where it cannot be seen and throw it in the trash.  It must not be seen in whole or in part in any landfill or dump.  Although this is not the preferred method, it does meet the requirements for proper disposal.   

The easiest would be the trash can method, but I have several friends in the Boy Scout/ Girl Scout organizations, so I believe I will take it to them.  I’m sorry to say I had no idea of the correct disposal for our flag before now.  I think it is great they teach this to our kiddos in scouts, so I will support other children learning more about our flag.

We are blessed to live in this country; fly your flags this proudly this summer!

To learn more about our flag, visit www.usflag.org.

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Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center


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