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Wilson Living Magazine - Caleb and Ashley RothThree years to the day they first started dating, Ashley Underhill and Caleb Roth were united in marriage at the Saint Frances Cabrini Catholic Church in Lebanon.

Caleb’s father, John, reminisced about the couple’s first meeting during their reception at the Kenneth Sandlin Building in Alexandria.Wilson Living Magazine - Caleb gets down on one knee to kiss Ashley's hand. Ashley was a waitress at the local café where Caleb, his dad and a friend would regularly enjoy breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner.

Caleb mentioned one day that he would like to ask out the cute, blonde server. John, in an attempt to be helpful, told a waitress the next day that his son was interested in taking her out. But it seems there was some miscommunication between the two because Caleb’s dad asked the wrong cute waitress. After much embarrassment, Dad came back, corrected the mix up and had a nice conversation with who he now knew would be the right one for Caleb.

Wilson Living Magazine - Caleb and Ashley make a toastIt wasn’t long before Caleb finally asked for Ashley’s phone number, and one of their first dates was on Valentine’s Day. Ashley’s mother, Lisa, remembers that night well. They got all dressed up, she made pictures of the couple with the beautiful, pink and white roses he had given her, and they were off. When the two arrived home, Ashley had a huge box of Godiva chocolates, and Caleb had brought Lisa some too. That was when Mom knew this guy was a keeper.

Fast forward to February 6, 2010 … the bride was beautiful, the groom handsome, and family and friends surrounded the couple as they pledged their love and undying devotion from that day forward.

The bride wore a lovely gown from Brides on a Budget in Lebanon. Studio Six Photography captured every moment of the special day while the perfect wedding coordinator, Zona Ash of Event Elegance, made sure that everything ran smoothly on their blessed wedding day.

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