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For last year’s words belong to last year’s language

And next year’s words await another voice.

And to make an end is to make a beginning.

-TS Eliot


It’s 2015! The beginning of a brand new year brings an air of positivity. A feeling of LET’S DO THIS!! 

And yet, we do the same thing every year: we make resolutions. We make resolutions to NOT make resolutions. We break both.

Is it worth setting the same goals, year after year, if we know before starting that they are already doomed? Absolutely! It’s time to close the chapter on 2014 and give 2015 its own storyline! Yes, you may fail at losing 50 pounds or paying off your credit card. But if you try new ways to make those changes, you just might succeed this time, or better yet… have fun trying!

Sometimes a simple change can yield the most happiness. Here’s a few that’s on our list for 2015.

1.      Stop being so social! Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest. They are all here to stay. It’s part of society’s fabric. But just like consuming alcohol or sweets, you should make a commitment to using social media in moderation.

           Because don’t you find that sometimes we are so busy getting the perfect Instagram shot, we miss the moment? Make a Commitment to be in the moment. Be part of the party, not just the person taking the photo of the party. (And then be sure to post a photo or two of your having fun once the fun is done…because there’s no harm in sharing.)

2.      Stop working… so much! Whether working at the office, at the store or from home, it’s always tempting to get that extra bit of work done.  Unless it’s truly urgent, force yourself to stop at a normal hour, let yourself relax, and enjoy the evening.

           Once you get back to the routine of not always being “on” for work, you’ll find that all the flavor of life is right there before your eyes… that messy house, that crazy dog, those outrageously funny kids. If you don’t have a specific work project that genuinely needs to be completed over a weekend, don’t check your work email.  In most cases, you’re just opening yourself up to stress that you likely won’t be able to resolve until normal working hours anyway.

3.      Take a break for exercise. Okay, so now you’ve found some ‘me’ time, but it’s still not enough time to go to the gym or meet with a personal trainer.  Your life is still too hectic.  However, everyone can give themselves 30 minutes a day for exercise, even it’s just taking a walk to clear your head. 

           If you’re not a walker, do yoga poses at home.  No exercise is too small or too trivial.  Just make sure you are DOING something for 30 minutes a day, every day.  No exceptions. And if you are like you know who (that would be Angel!), then find someone to exercise with (that would be our resident exercise guru Becky!) and commit to motivate each other to MOVE! You’ll be absolutely amazed how good it will make you feel.

4.      Reconnect. This year, make a commitment to reconnect with old friends or family members.  Make time for a lunch or coffee, book a flight for a weekend visit, or if you don’t have time for physical meetings, at least call and talk on the phone a while (yes, phones for talking do still exist)! This will not only be good for your soul, but good for your physical health, too. 

5.      Enjoy Life. This is it, folks. There are no do overs. Last year is long gone and all the What if’s, Should of’s, and Could of’s unfortunately can’t be found again. But 2015 is wide open. You’ve been given another chance to do it, say it, experience it and be it. Learn from your failures, your broken resolutions and that nagging feeling you had when you didn’t DO IT and then missed out.

So here’s to the start of your 2015 story. Make it the beginning of something beautiful.

Until next time, keep reading!


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