Notes from the Founders – July Aug 2012

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

It’s getting just as hot in the Wilson Living office as it is outside. Since 2008, many in the United States have been affected by the sluggish economy. Instead wlm foundersof wallowing in our own situations, whatever they may be, many decided this was a perfect time to donate time to help those who have it even worse. While any type of volunteer work is fantastic – not only for your own health and psyche – some have taken the act of volunteering to the next level. One of those folks is Wilson County resident, Greg Holbrook. After a mission trip to Africa in 2003, Greg had the vision to start, Miracle POWER. The goal of Miracle POWER is to offer assistance to the pastors, orphans and widows who happen to be among the poorest people in the villages of Kenya, Africa. Check out his inspiring story and see how Wilson County is helping Greg change lives thousands of miles away.

Also included in this issue, readers will get an intimate look at the Home and Garden of Wilson County residents, Denise and Lynotte Moore. We will give you a peek into the beautiful garden their youngest daughter chose to hold her wedding.

It has come to our attention that men sometimes get left out of topics covered by Style and Trends Editor, Erin Brown. Well this time Style and Trends is all about the men! Erin showcases the best looks for men of any age and how to dress cool and professional this summer.

Don’t forget to check out our blogs at We’ve added 2 new bloggers. Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Robbie Whitaker will be answering all of your mental health questions and Wilson County resident, Jennie Burton will be sharing all of her healthy eating tips on her new blog, ‘Happier Healthy.’ It’s all on

Until next time, stay cool and keep reading!

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