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Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

We can’t believe Summer is almost over! It was hot one minute, rainy the next, but all in all, it was a good one. The kids kept us busy running from oneAngel & Becky activity to the other, which meant downtime at the beach and the lake was twice as nice.

But honestly, our favorite time of year is almost here. Fall brings cooler weather, football games, school events and the anticipation of all the best holidays. But before, there can be Fall…there must be the Wilson County Fair!

And this year, Wilson Living’s Dr. John Gallaher brings us the tastiest fair treats that can be found at our Fair.

He had loads of fun working on this article as is evident by the photos. And we had fun tagging along, trying out all the unbelievable fair food with him!

Food seemed to be a running theme this issue as Ken Beck brought us a wonderful piece about Sunset Restaurant. Sunset is a Wilson County staple, not only because of their renowned down home comfort food, but also because of their family hospitality. Read all about this family business as Ken visits with multiple generations in Meet Your Neighbor.

Have you heard about a new book making its rounds around Wilson County? Sheriff Terry Ashe just published his new book, Ashes of Bluebird, and sat down for a Q & A session with our own Becky Andrews. Read all about his life, career and the many moments along the way that have shaped this man today.

And, just in case you missed our awesome cover, this is the Bachelorette issue!! We had the best time at our photo shoot with all these gorgeous ladies. They are not only amazing on the outside but also on the inside. These are some very smart, talented women and we thank the many of you who sent us emails nominating them.

As you read through our pages, you might see some changes. That’s because we’ve shaken things up at Wilson Living. We’ve expanded our staff and added offices within The Wilson Post. We’re growing by leaps and bounds and with new people, come new ideas. We are glad to have them and hope you can pick out their talents inside these pages.

Until next time, stay cool and keep reading!

Angel Kane
Becky Andrews

Email Angel at angel@wilsonlivingmagazine.com or Becky at becky@wilsonlivingmagazine.com

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Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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