WLM Founders - Becky Andrews & Angel Kane
Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

WLM Founders - Becky Andrews & Angel KaneA new you, isn’t that what people always say in the New Year? This issue, WLM’s Shelley Satterfield is about to enter 2014 with a new you from head to toe! Last year, Shelley decided to become healthier and we soon noticed a lively pep in her step. As a HUGE surprise, we enlisted the help of Sytle & Trends Editor, Erin Brown, who, in one fun day, transformed Shelley with skin care, make-up, fashion and some great styling tips. She looks phenomenal and is ready for all that 2014 has to offer!

Of course, we are also packed to the brim with all our amazing In Every Issue columns including one from our newest contributor, Amber Hurdle. Be sure to check out her first ever, Q & Amber. One gem, however, we saved for the end is Finding Your Piece of the Good Life by Susan Bowman. Susan was our inspiration for this issue as no one embraces life like she does. Faced with unimaginable adversity, Susan has taught many what it means to get up anew each morning, counting your blessings and facing life head on. Now, not only is she sharing her story with our WLM readers but soon her life-story will be on the big screen, when her documentary One Red Stilleto debuts this Spring. WLM will be helping Susan host her premiere and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of such a moving tribute to the local first responders who saved her and her children’s lives.

Finally, have you heard? We’ve gone digital!! Starting with this issue you can read Wilson Living Magazine as a “flipbook” on your computer, tablet, or phone!! You can also link through to each advertiser’s website. For now, this feature is completely free, so be sure to check it out at www.wilsonlivingmagazine.com and let us know what you think. We hope you enjoy every page, those in print and on-line!

Until next time, keep reading!

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  • Angel Kane & Becky Andrews – Co-Editors
  • Erin Brown & Denise Moore – Advertising Consultants
  • Dan Kane Jana Pastors, Donna Neeley & Amy Rich – Photography
  • Donna Neeley – Creative Art Design & Production
  • Chris Smith, Carrie Tomlin, Mary Anne Ferrell – Advertising Design
  • Shelley Satterfield – Accounts
  • Ken Beck, Roy Harris, Stacey Meadows, Randy Rudder, Sue Siens, Tiffany Cunningham, Amelia Morrison Hipps, Dr. John Gallaher, Brody Kane, Yancey Belcher, Elizabeth Scruggs, Amber Hurdle & Erin Brown – Contributing Writers
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