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collegeThe last few months have been a whirlwind of college applications, ACT prep courses, and road trips as we have continue on our adventure of “where in the world will Madi go to college?”

This past week as we left that house at 5 a.m. in order to meet the 10 a.m. tour, with my hot cup of coffee in hand, I got in the car and gleefully noted “This is going to be such a fun day.”

Shocked by my joyfulness, her father reminded both Madi and I that “today is going to be fun and SAD!” You see, as much as Madi and I have come to embrace our little college trip adventures, Brody isn’t quite there yet.

When we finally arrived, Madi and I bounced out of the car, eagerly awaiting our guided tour of the buildings, library and dorms. Her Dad slowly walked behind us.

While we asked questions about majors, internships and clubs, her Dad asked questions about campus security, crime rates and how do they insure “boys don’t get onto the girls’ dorm floors.”

Seemingly very important questions to the other fathers on the tour, who nodded in agreement every time Brody grilled our 19-year-old tour guide on crime per capita rates.

After touring the campus we set about taking in this new city, checking out how far the grocery was from campus, the movie theater and the mall. We also checked out the police station, fire hall and hospital…”because it’s important to know these things,” noted her father.

The good thing about Madi is that she has been taking most of this in stride, as every member of the family is handling her move… in their own way.

Later that night, as Madi was extolling the virtues of this new college to her sister and brother, Zoe pulled out her own set of plans, saved under the Pinterest board name – “Zoe’s New Room When Madison Finally Leaves.”

“When exactly will you be moving out?” she asked. “Because Neill and I have decided that he is getting your room, and I’m redoing mine and turning his into my dressing room/tv room.”

Both Brody and Madi looked stunned.

“You can’t have my room,” Madi said, completely outraged. “I am coming back in the summer and on breaks and probably some weekends too!”

And her Daddy is a happy man once again…


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