Miracle POWER of Wilson County Finds It’s Way to Africa

In 2011, Miracle POWER built a home for widows and orphans. As of now, the home is occupied by four widows and 12 orphans with the capacity for 60-80Children in Africa people. Greg added, “As the funds and monthly support grow, we will continue to move in more.”

In March of this year, a medical clinic opened on the Miracle POWER site. This was built in cooperation with Church Missions Network. It has a full-time doctor, nurse, pharmacy and operating room if needed. It will provide the people lifesaving care because every minute counts when you have to walk miles to see the doctor.

Barely able to contain his excitement, Greg said, “In April of this year we held the 2nd annual Miracle POWER silent auction and spaghetti dinner. Donations, auction items purchased and 300 plates of spaghetti raised $40,500!! It was a huge success. We needed $36,000 to install a well that will provide everyone in the house, the medical clinic and the surrounding community with fresh, disease-free drinking water. We will start digging the well very soon, and it will take 4-6 weeks to be up and running. Can you believe that?!”

Miracle Power in AfricaIf you’d like to donate, Miracle POWER accepts monetary gifts as well as scrap metal donations all year long. Here’s the kicker – Greg will pick up the metal! So if you have some scrap metal sitting around that you just did not want to clean up, call Greg, and he’ll take care of it. And who doesn’t accumulate aluminum cans? Greg has a solution for that too. “We have an aluminum can recycling trailer located on Wildwood Avenue beside Immanuel Baptist Church in Lebanon. When it’s full, it usually profits $350-400.”

Greg Holbrook and his wife Kim are making a difference across the globe. Between raising their three boys, working and all the other things that a busy family does, the Wilson County couple will continue to devote time and energy to Miracle POWER. In the next few weeks, www.miraclepowerkenya.org will launch. This will allow people from across the globe to see the amazing things Miracle POWER is doing.

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